The Wit and Wisdom of TPF

  1. We have celebrity quotes pages, and I thought we could have a Purse Forum quotes page.

    Post what you feel are the funniest things written by other members.
  2. Oh, this will be great!

    There are some really witty posts...especially in the "Post Fakes" threads!
  3. Some highlights from bagnshoo:

    • you mean like Bruce Willis in "Look Whos Talking"?
      (In response to IMO, this should probably be well before the fetus becomes aware of its existence and surroundings.....)
    • don't make us break out the vagina purse photos again.... (In response to Is a handbag an extension of your womanhood??)
    • I wish some of the guys who lurk around the forum would chime in here. I'm very curious to read their thoughts on this topic. (insert crickets chirping here...) (In You're Pregnant! Should you tell him?)
    • that is soo darn cute.

      (he's probably actually Beethoven reincarnated and he's thinking, "damn it! I came back a cat??!!!") (In Nora, The Piano-playing Cat Who Caused An Internet Sensation)
  4. There are so many funny lines from other members here. I can not even begin to go looking for them. There was one I read yesterday that had me cracking up literally.. If I find it I will come back to post it.

    I think Bagnshoo, Merika, and Shimma each are both very clever and funny.......I love reading each of their posts but there are many other funny ones I can't think of right
  5. This is the one I found hilarious on yesterday. I literally laughed out loud. It just sounded like something one of my close friendgirls would say--and she is hilarious. This was posted as a response in the "We used a private investigator to spy on our husbands' thread....

    Originally Posted by nerdphanie [​IMG]
    Good read. I agree that it's a bit expensive though. After all, I could tail and take photos myself. Heck, I watch Veronica Mars!

  6. Some highlights from Merika:

    • I think things are fine as they are. Besides if we have a subforum for 'sex' Charles might get all excited. (In Subforum for "Sex & Relationships"..?)
  7. There are too many but I think the "camel toe" thread must have been the one with most words of wisdom, LOL.
  8. Some highlights from amanda:

    • at this point, it should be obvious to fox news that cho was on jihad because he had chosen to reject his family's righteous christian beliefs and become a follower of bin laden.

      naturally, this means we need to attack iran. (I don't want to start yet another argument about Fox News, but I just find this funny!)
    • grooooooooooooooosssss...i definately wouldn't want to buy a bathing suit that had touched paris hilton's vagina. who knows what you could get from that?!?!?!?! (In Paris Peeved at Bathing Suit Salesgirl)
    • gisele has a twin sister? i think men everywhere in the world just got hard-ons... (In Celebs with twins or twin sibs.......)
  9. Am I that transparent??? ;)
  10. Posts from Cal & Clake never fail to make me laugh out loud.
  11. For wisdom Shimma, you are someone with a very balanced attitude and a beautiful way with words. I always love to read posts by Newgrl and Bagnshoo too...

    Caitlin, you get the prize for posting the most up-to-date news and interesting topics.

    Occasionally when I'm alone at night I read the "Breast Augmentation" thread and roll around laughing.

    I'm so happy that tPF is not just a place for 'shallow obsessing' but a place where women (and Charles, of course) can share their interesting viewpoints on many, many topics...

    (oops! I forgot Vlad, John, Matt and Clake)
  12. I love reading ShimmaPuff's posts! I've come across several that have made me LOL from various members, but I can't think of any good ones right now...
  13. A highlight from Jill:

    • sex....mindblowing sex cures (In How do you cheer up your SO?)
  14. (would you ever?.......board game forum)
  15. Some highlights from Vlad:

    • Recognize diz, *****ass. (In Fashion-Marketplace)
    • Is it bad that I first saw a threesome?:shocked: (In Look at this pic)
    • Guys are just too self-conscious when it comes to bags. Lighten up dudes, embrace the bag, love it, cherish it! :woohoo:
      (In Introducing Vlad like you have never seen him before!!!!!)