The Winsley - what do you think?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    As many of you, I'm no fan of Coca's new designs, and his take on the Bayswater is simply criminal in my opinion.

    However, I just received a promotional email from Mulberry, featuring among other, a new design called the Winsley.

    I can see it's a Celine Trio dressed up as a Mulberry, but nonetheless, somehow this design does speak to me!

    I think it looks much nicer than the Trio, more luxurious - the only thing is the hardware is probably a bit too shiny-yellow golden for my liking, but maybe if it came with different colour hardware at some point, I might consider it!

    What do you think, ladies?
  2. I like the leather , not sure about the style. The leather and chain strap doesn't work for me. I haven't seen them IRL though. It looks too wide at the bottom. I prefer the trio or Chloe Faye.
  3. I'm not keen, I think it's just too similar to MK's version which has been out a while. Nothing wrong with mk but I think the Cheyne is much nicer, more original and the lock is surprisingly lovely.

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  4. I see your point, they're very similar indeed!
  5. Love the Cheyne too... I think it's very modern and unusual, well proportioned.
  6. I have seen this bag and really like it. It came down to the Cheyne vs the Winsley. I chose the Cheyne but I still like this just as well. It's a great bag and the leather is beautiful.
  7. I just don't think it's a £1k bag! The shape is very wide at the bottom, but what I found the strangest is that two of the zips close to one end and the other one to the other! (if that makes sense)
  8. I saw this a few weeks ago and was trying to decide between this in clay and the medium lily in dark beige. I think the Winsley is a really nice style, and looked lovely on, but what swayed me over the the lily was that like you, I though the hardware was too yellow for my liking. But other than that I think it's one of the better 'new' bags!
  9. Its mot worth the money looks just like the MK which will be a fraction of the price
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  10. Thanks everyone for your input and comments!

    I wasn't actually aware of the MK bag when I wrote this post, but seeing how very similar the designs are, I'm now a bit put off too, even if the Mulberry leather is much nicer.

    The thing I just don't get, is how can Mulberry allow this to happen?
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  11. Coco might have copied MK!!!
  12. The MK version was out first, it was just under £200 at full price and then went into the sale at just under £100. I saw it when I was browsing the sale on net a porter.
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  13. The clay Winsley looks gorgeous :smile:
  14. Where where ???? I am loving the MK quilted bags would love to find one like the pic at a bargain price!!!
  15. I saw it on net a porter earlier this month elvisfan4life x
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