The winner of the NYT handbag challenge

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  1. On The Street

    The Trophy


    Published: December 10, 2006
    And the winner of the handbag classic is: Goyard by a mile! Picking up speed in the last month, lightweight bags by the 153-year-old French luggage maker outran the heavy, overembellished prestige bags to become the most popular bag carried by women on luxury mile, Madison Avenue and 57th Street. Of lacquered linen and cotton, the bags don’t shout status and there are no waiting lists at Goyard boutiques at Bergdorf Goodman and Barneys. A Goyard tote bag starts at about $855 (extra for ribbons and monograms).

  2. I hardly ever meet anyone who has even ever heard of Goyard, let alone carry one. And I shop a lot up there.
  3. Wow! We're out of the loop (but I knew that) down here in se NC. I doubt they even sell that brand anywhere here.
  4. I was surprised when I saw this in the paper.

    Must be a very practical bag... don't you think?
  5. Strange. I live in Manhattan and rub elbows with many wealthy people, but hardly ever see any of them carrying a Goyard.
  6. That's cool, but I still don't like them for the price they charge.
  7. ^^i know a lot of people adore them, but i just don't see it. :shrugs:
  8. Thanks for posting Sonya. Heard about them but never saw such a wide range before. ~hugs~
  9. I've NEVER seen anyone carrying a Goyard around here.
  10. I used to see Goyards a lot ... well not a lot a lot, but enough.... This was like 2004 when all the editors were carrying them.... But Bill Cunningham is always out there so he probably knows what he's talking about....
  11. I live on the Upper East Side and see quite a lot of Goyard in the last year. I was checking out the collection at BG last week. Love the dog collars and leashes, but a bit too crazy in price. My dog will keep her Petco collar!!! I like the bags, but for now I'm more interested in LV and Chanel.
  12. I thought of TPF first thing when I saw this in the NY Times. For bags that are supposed to lightweight, are they still durable and sturdy?
  13. call me cheap, but i'm not shelling out $800+ for lacquered linen and cotton. for that price, i expect top quality leather - most likely with hardware.

    am i the only one? someone back me up here... :shrugs:
  14. I live in the Upper East Side and see Goyard quite a bit.
  15. i feel the *exact* same way.....that's why i can't bring myself to buy LV either. epi someday, maybe, but potentially topping 4 figures for a canvas bag is just one of those personal mental barriers for me: no can do. but i know many, many people adore them, so to each their own....