The winner of the 1000th post earrings is...

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  1. eyelove! :nuts::yahoo:
    PM me with your address, so I can send you your earrings.:P

    Congrats eyelove, and thanks to everyone for making this place so awesome!:love: (I'll do another give away on my 2000th.:yes:)

  2. I won? :nuts: Awww, thank you! :tender: I'll PM you.

    Once again, it was very nice of you to give away a pair of earrings to celebrate your 1000th post! Next time, on your 2000th post, you should give yourself a nice treat! :idea: You deserve it!

    The earrings are very pretty! Thank you Pippi! :flowers:
  3. It is SUCH a treat having the PF to go to every day! :yes: I like having give aways; it's my way of saying thank you to everyone here. (Besides, I give myself treats whenever I feel like it and have extra $$:graucho:)
  4. :biggrin:
  5. Congrats eyelove!!!!!!!!!
  6. congrats eyelove....lucky girl...
  7. congratulations...
  8. awww congrats
  9. Congrats, eyelove!
  10. congrats!
  11. Congulations...this is such a fun place with wonderful people.
  12. Congrats.....aren't unexpected prizes/gifts wonderful????

    This forum is such a great place to hang out....
  13. Congrats Eyelove those earrings are so cute:yahoo:
  14. Congratulations - those earrings were really pretty! :smile:
  15. Thank you everyone!! :flowers: :tender: