The winner of my auction's account was suspended, help!

  1. I just sold a bag on eBay and was waiting for payment from the buyer. She had contacted me on Sunday saying that she would send payment in two days. So this morning, I got an e-mail from her saying her account was suspended. She did have 100% positive feedback before with 86 transactions. She asked me if I had reported her as a nonpaying bidder, which I hadn't. She then asked me to send her an invoice so she could pay for her item. What do I do? I don't want to just send her my paypal address because of all the horror stories I've heard. Should I offer it to the next person? Help please! :confused1:
  2. Personally, I'd just sell it to her :S Also, maybe ask her why she's been suspended, it could've been something really silly
  3. You can just send her a paypal invoice and she can pay you that way, as long as her address in confirmed you won't have any problems.
    I had a buyer in the same position recently and she was just great. Eventually she'll most likely be reinstated and will then be able to leave feedback for you.
  4. Thanks for your input! I'll send her an invoice and hope for the best. I'm hoping it was something really silly. She was selling a few things on eBay so who knows.
  5. If I could ask some more advice...I e-mailed the buyer and sent her an invoice and I haven't heard back from her. It's been about 24 hours now. How long do you think I should wait for a response? Thanks!
  6. If you sell to her you might be out of some seller protections so I'd tread very carefully if I were you. She may also be reconsidering completing the deal outside of eBay which is why you haven't heard from her. Personally I'd move along to the next bidder or relist - or wait until she's reinstated if at all. I wouldn't want to do a transaction outside of eBay with someone I only met thru eBay, KWIM?
  7. Thanks blugenie! I think I'm going to offer it to the next person, or relist it. I still haven't heard back from her. I was feeling a bit uncomfortable with the whole thing off of ebay.
  8. Just a little update and questions. After the buyer disappeared off ebay, she didn't contact me after asking for an invoice. I canceled it the next day because I never heard from her and was getting worried. I filed an unpaid item dispute with ebay and was immediately refunded my money since she's no longer registered. I've moved on and decided to keep the bag instead of offering it to the next person.

    Today, she e-mailed me back saying that the invoice has been canceled and she wants to pay for it. She wants me to send her another invoice. It's been 5 days and I haven't heard from her at all. Also, a strange thing is that every time she e-mails me I get 3 e-mails. Is that suspicious at all or am I now just getting paranoid? And at this point, I'm not obligated to sell it to her, right? Thanks!
  9. Yes I dont think you know have to sell it to her
    she probarly is totally ok, they are suspending loads of buyers sellers at the moment for no good reason

    I am suspended and have done not one thing wrong quite the opposite, but somehow it seems to make people think other wise

    There suspending like crazy
  10. Weird.
  11. I would stay far away from this...something sounds shady. You are under no obligation since her account was suspended. Block her too. Just in case.
  12. Thanks everyone. Something just seems wrong with this one. I was willing to work things out with her, but then she took so long to respond...and then the multiple e-mails just seems weird. I'm not just paranoid she's hacking into my paypal account or something. But hopefully I'm just being paranoid.
  13. Just move on. You can contact eBay Live Help if you're hesitant about relisting it or doing a second-chance offer. They help out a lot.....:yes: If it's a "go", then just block her and forgetaboutit. A lot of creepy people on eBay but a lot of GOOD people too.....
  14. She just e-mailed me this. Ugh...

    you cannot sell the bag on the side without even giving me the time to
    purchase,,,i can see that you are a new ebay member and you dont know
    much,,,usually the buyer gets a certain amount of days to pay for the
    item,,,just because i am no longer a user due to suspension dont mean
    you can resale it or try to open a dispute on me,,,,i will keep all
    emails that you had sent me for proof that you had already sold without
    giving me that amount of time to pay for the item,,,we did not mutually
    agree to that and so ebay will see this. once i resume my account ebay
    allow me to pay and if you do not agree than its a strike for you not
    me. if
    i were you,,,i will try to fix that dispute you try to pretend to make
    my account saying that i dont want to pay,,,its you who decided not to
    you fix the problem and i will let the transaction go,,if not i can
    fax these info. to ebay.

  15. Yep me too and Ive done nothing wrong, got fed up arguing with e-bay so am using my mums account.