"The Wings of Hermes"

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  1. From Vogue.com

    [​IMG]HERMÉS takes the online experience one step further this week, launching online magazine The Wings of Hermés via its newly-revamped website.

    Describing it as an experience seems somewhat of an understatement; it allows the user to explore the many layers of the site, an eccentric and iconic world chronicling the 170 years of Hermés history.

    "We wanted to inform and surprise while representing the true spirit of Hermés," explains Fiona Rushton of the brand's UK press team.

    Like an interactive magazine, the site is full of stories and images that define a brand with a heritage as rich and deep as its signature leather bags themselves. Through 60 windows, 14 product ranges are represented through mediums such as intimate interviews, dreamlike film footage, iconic photo galleries and fun interactive games - all reflecting the power and beauty of nature, movement, colour and texture.

    Intrigued? Get in on the action at www.hermes.com. (April 1 2008, AM)

    Clare Alstin
  2. i checked this out and it was indeed great! i did the kelly bags and found it so fun!
  3. don't we all wish our local office supply store would sell 500-sheet packs of chèvre or epsom?
  4. ^^^ YES!
    PS Where is the Birkin version haha!
  5. OMG - YES!
  6. Umm... I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought this was a little Red Bull-ish. =)

    Hermès gives you wings

    [​IMG]As we have mentioned previously, luxury brands have taken a distinctly nervous approach to expanding their brands online. But today, the previously discrete, but increasingly visible Hermès brand extends its story online.
    The new Hermès site - which went live today - combines a series of insights into the history of Hermès with a new tone which is more eccentric and Red Bull-ish that might have been imagined.
    Through 60 windows, the brand showcases 14 product ranges through interviews, film footage, and photo galleries…
  7. I love it - but unfortunately my computer won't load anything past
    the main page. I'll have to try it on the school computers when I
    get some free time. I'd love to make one of those paper
    Kelly's. :smile:
  8. Beaumonde thanks for the site! Watching the craftsman cut leather for gloves was amazing!
  9. where are the small leather accessories?! :P
  10. Hm. Maybe they'll do some articles on the history of some of the scarves? Then we might get an answer about the origins of "Naissance d'une idee."