The whole pre-order thing

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  1. So I've really wanted something in reverse mono, but my SA (almost) literally will not let me buy a pochette Metis, so I've been interested in the geant onthego tote that is coming out next month.

    There's all sorts of rumors that it will be limited in quantity, so it has to be preordered, and paid in full, weeks before you can even see it in person just to have shot at buying it.

    This is mostly a pointless complaint but the fast churn of items and literally having to buy the darn thing before you can even see it, lest you miss the chance at getting one, is annoying.

    First world problems, thank you for attending my TEDTalk.
  2. I was browsing the site yesterday and many items from the Virgil runway—supposedly super limited—were “place in cart.”
  3. Yeah, their current supply phrasing is hard to follow as well... my SA mentioned someone who had preordered the green geant onthego, and it hasn't come in yet, but they're supposedly not making any more, but the lady should still get one... I was like :confused1:
  4. I’ve managed to order several Geant items without having to pay ahead though know some lists are closed for certain items (khaki kirigami for example) - I already have one item on the way and only ordered last week :smile: Hope you get what you want - understand it’s stunning collection IRL!
  5. I also think that a lot of SAs are not particularly interested or knowledgeable about the production cycles and numbers... and will just tell us what we want to hear or what they think will make us pull out our Amex! ;)
  6. Definitely not. She usually just shows me the iPad where it shows like "30 in warehouse, 10 in stores" or whatever. As I understood, sometimes it will show as zero qualities but they can put in an order; other times it will show zero quantities and unavailable for order. I guess they just have no idea if/when anything more will ever come (I remember with the Coddington stuff, items would trickle in and out occasionally).
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  7. The whole prepaying thing is super frustrating and I won’t do it again. I was told to prepay for the micro pochette and I was able to get it online anyway....I was still able to secure show bags without prepaying. I would think you’d be able to get this piece without prepaying.....I’m sure a store will have it and she can do a chargesend....
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  8. Seriously, I hate the pochette metis.
    Despite raving & fanaticism.
    Irl, looks meh.
    I never preorder/prepay anything.
    For any brand.
    Either item is there to buy, or no.
    Rather return to check later than give money for nothing.
    Call me nuts.:shrugs:
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  9. Agree with the PM
    I was able to get it last week, was my dream bag, opened the box and was like “oh“
    They were shocked I was returning it but it wasn’t love and for the price, I better love it
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  10. I didn’t order the PM, i ordered the onthego tote. My store has PMs all the time, I’m always surprised to see people can’t find them.
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  11. I also don’t like the pre-pay part. Today I spoke to a manager about it and he told me that paying wouldn’t guarantee that you are getting the item, however the chances that your reservations is fullfilled increases as they will actually put in an order for you.
    It is also possible to make a reservation on an item without pre-paying but they won’t order it especially for you and will just see if one comes in. If one does come in you have 48 hours to pick up the item.

    In the end I decided to pre-pay as my store is small and they do not get all the items in.
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  12. While I understand it, I am annoyed with the prepay thing. I preordered a micro pochette 3 weeks ago and have not heard a word from my CA other than when I text her asking about it on the day of launch when she told me I was 2nd on the list for one. It’s been over 2 weeks, I have text her multiple times and have gotten no response. She’s posted on IG, but won’t respond to my texts. So when I see it pop up occasionally online it’s frustrating because I would rather have just tried stalking it rather than having me funds tied up all this time.
    And I’ve been in the middle of moving/sorting out a house, so I just haven’t made the time to call about it.
  13. I don’t like this new pre pay system but it was explained to me that this is the only way to reserve items that will be limited. I understand that they want a commitment from the customer but how about a true deposit—like half? That makes more sense to me than full payment. But in the end I did pre-pay as this seemed the only way to get the items I wanted without the stress of stalking the website. I hope this all has a happy ending.
  14. I don’t mind prepaying if it means I get the item. I can always return. What annoys me is even if you prepay your order is not guaranteed. That’s the frustrating part.
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  15. That is my issue I had multiple SA and a manager tell me if I prepay for the Neverfull Giant Mono then it is guaranteed I will get it they just can’t say when. It was explained that for limited editions they would close the order system and that’s all that would be produced. Now I have also had some say that it is not guaranteed. Honestly I don’t think anyone really knows or understand the preorder process.

    My frustration is if I preorder then find the item available prior to getting the one I preordered they can’t change the preorder and refund me until the item is physically in. I do not like nor understand the purpose of this system
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