The White Suhali Experiment

  1. Tonight while watching TV I decided to clean my white Suhali clés. I also took photographs to document my progress, just for y’all!

    After selling my Abbesses, I no longer had an organized lifestyle, and I threw all my stuff into an old Nike drawstring bag I had. One day I pulled out my clés, and saw two blue pen marks! I was so sad, but I thought I could clean it. So tonight, I took a few Q-tips, tissues, and Coach Leather cleaner, and went to work. The pen marks definitely got lighter, but you can still see them. Such a shame… BUT! I also decided to clean the interior white calfskin. The results were amazing! All the gunk from the coins that were in there, were completely removed! I followed all the cleanings with a slight moisturize (also Coach brand).

    Just thought I would share! Here are the pix!
    DSC04744.JPG DSC04745.JPG DSC04746.JPG DSC04747.JPG DSC04749.JPG DSC04750.JPG DSC04754.JPG DSC04755.JPG DSC04756.JPG
  2. WOW! That interior looks INCREDIBLE! Almost like new! Yay for coach leather cleaner!
  3. WOW!! Great cleaning job!!
  4. amazing! i need to get some coach cleaners now!
  5. Thanks guys! :smile:
  6. CONGRATS! i hate gunk on my beloveds!:biggrin:
  7. Wow! That looks great.
  8. Yeah Coach Moisturizer and Cleaner are the only things worth buying there. I worked there 2 years ago and I have to say they're selling a bunch of crap. Poor quality with a decent name behind it.
  9. WOW!!! your cles looks brand new!!!!:nuts:
  10. The interior looks 10000% better! Very cool. You can barely notice those pen marks either. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Nice job!
  12. great job!
  13. Very clean!!!
  14. nice! thanks for sharing!
  15. Goodjob, thanks for sharing.