The "White" Gauffre ~ Encore!

  1. Well, I broke out the white gauffre bowler today and I felt like the BEES KNEES! :wlae:

    Wore her with a searsucker suit -- white with camel colored stripes and a pair of camel and white pumps ~ WooHooooo! And I LOVE this bag!!! :yahoo:

    LOVE everything about her!! The shape, the "Gauffre-ness" and yes, even the color! Three women at work all confirmed -- OFF White! One said cream, one said ivory and the other said off white, so I'm thrilled! I LOVE LOVE LOVVVVE this bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here she is, finally without the security tag and stuffed with all my things after wearing her today -- I can't put her away!!

  2. YEAH! She has been broken in!!!CONGRATS!!!!
  3. YEAH! Great decision!! LOVE your bag.
    Wear it PROUD!
  4. Sorry...I just LOVE her to pieces!!! Thanks Jill! "Breakin' In is hard to do!" But oh sooooo freakin' lucious when ya do it!!! :graucho:

  5. Minette that outfit sounds fabulous with the bag and I am SO happy you like it. There is really nothing like a rocking outfit and a fabulous handbag and shoes to cheer a gal up on a crazy hot day like today !!
  6. Fabulous!!
  7. Hahaa! Thanks, Jen! Yeah, I was Packin' it COOL on a hot day! :p
  8. Enjoy it! I was just telling a friend about your gorgeous bag and even better deal!
  9. Awww Minette!!!! So glad your keeping her!!! ITA--there is NOTHING like the feeling of sporting a HOT bag w/ a great outfit...!!!I think that's the bottom line of all our addictions!!! Great for you!!!! Sounds like your test drive was just fine...Congrats again!!
  10. :yahoo::yahoo: Yeah!!! I'm sooo glad ur keeping her! I bet she looked fabulous w/ that outfit! Sounds like quite the getup! I would love to see modeling pics w/the outfit and bag too!:graucho:
  11. Sounds like a great test run! Glad you're loving your bag, it certainly looks great with all your stuff in it. Bet you looked one show stopping girlie.
  12. It's gorgeous! I love it :biggrin:
  13. Beautiful! Congrats & enjoy. =)
  14. I absolutely LOVE that bag!!! I'm glad you decided to keep it! CONGRATS!
  15. Awww, Thanks everyone! It's Thursday and -- wearing her 4 days in row! Might go 5!! Thanks again for sharing the gleeeee!