The White Elephant

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  1. It's just not a comfy bag. Don't worry. I didn't intend to return the bag. It was just something someone suggested in this thread.
  2. What other tote can I buy?
  3. Hi viewwing~ there are seasonal totes that you can take a look at! In the Chanel Shopping forum, there are threads with pictures of bags that are coming out! And the following is one of them~maybe you can get an idea from those threads!

    I'm in a similar dilemma as you... I bought 2 Jumbos & an m/l prior to the price increase. And it's been since July, I have not even touched the m/l. Haven't even taken the price tag off of it! Mostly because I always use a big bag or my salmon m/l from eons ago...So I think I might just return it. But it just went through an $800 increase!!! That's mostly what's stopping me from returning it.

    Hope you have an easier time than myself while making a decision! Good luck!!!
  4. I did not discuss the matters of ethics but simply the option, perfectly legal :smile: I am coming from the country where this kind of returns are not possible. But it's possible in the US and people use this option all the time with make up, clothes, bags. If someone can return Rebecca Minkoff bag bcs not happy with it, why can't you do it with Chanel?

    Selling a bag for 4K is unethical in my range of values to begin with. :smile: And if someone buys a bag for thousands and thousands of dollars, this someone must be totally happy with it.