The White Elephant

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  1. #1 Oct 11, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 12, 2010
    Dear All,
    I have only ONE Chanel, and that is a PST. I don't carry it much, hence the title. Today I carried it for the second time and I'm still not impressed with it. Carrying it on my shoulder with the strap was uncomfortable! It not only kept sliding off but it came me cramps. :tdown:

    So I am thinking of [passing it on]. However, if I do so, I will incur a lost of about $500. And also, it is likely I may never get another Chanel cos I have decided I will never pay that much for a flap and I feel that the price and quality of Chanels dun match. I don't buy pre-owned bags so there aren't many choices for a Chanel bag below 2k.:shrugs:

    What do you advice? Should I ... put the money to something else? Maybe a watch? Jewelry? A bag from other brand or is there another Chanel bag I could look at for less than 2k?
  2. If you have a receipt, you can return it or exchange it to another bag. :smile:
  3. ^^ Can I? I've already cut the tag? Can I still exchange it?
  4. Depends on the store's policy. I believe Neiman, Bloomies do exchanges.
  5. Yes, but OP has used the bag before. I would sell it myself and use the funds towards another bag. You can get a E/W flap which carries more than a M/L and can be used for everyday. I believe it retails around $2,300 right now.
  6. ^ WOuld i be making another mistake with the E/W? I would need to fork out another 1k! hmm.. is that the only other choice?
  7. It really depends on what you use it for. IMO, the m/l size is the most classic but I find it the least practical. I only own one in that size. Whereas I have 3 jumbo that I use all the time.

    I don't own a E/W or a mini, but will soon. I personally like single flap versus double flap because it can hold more. I would say if you can spare another 2k (a brand new m/l now costs 3400, it's insane), I would get a m/l. If not, I think a E/W would be a good choice.

    Or another option would be WOC (wallet on chain), they are around 1600, give and take depending on the style. They are awesome if you do not carry much.

    Good Luck!
  8. Sell it and swallow the loss since you dont enjoy it. Put the money towards something else your oogling (I'm sure theres something!) or save it up for later! GL!
  9. My friend just returned her bag to the Bloomies and got the store credit after using the bag for 3 months.

    She buys a lot so they didn't mind. It looked good, she had the receipt, they took it like any other return.
  10. ITA with libelle, if you don't enjoy it and use it, there is no point keeping it. Put the $ to better use or something that you really fancy. ;)
  11. This is insane.
  12. You don't have to carry the tote on your shoulder if it hurts.
    I, personally, cannot carry any bag on my shoulder. I carry all bags in the crook of my arm or my hand. Have you tried all non-shoulder options? I can't remember, but the PST, does it have the leather padding on the chains? Anyway, if not, I think it wouldn't be comfortable on the should anyway. Try your arm. It's such a useful bag that you should try all your options before trying to return it.
  13. I have 2 PSTs and actually carry them more than my flap bags. I had that problem of the sholder straps keep falling off. I twist the strap so one is on top of the other one and it helps. Or sometime I even carry it in my arm.

    If you're not in love with it, sell it even if you'll get less than what you paid for. At least you're making some money than it is sitting in your closet. Then use the money to buy something else you really love and will use.

    p.s. one comment about returning your bag at retail. It's not right to return the bag if you already used it even once. No one wants to pay the insane retail price and end up with a used bag. Just my honest opinion. GL with watever you decide. :smile:
  14. I would exchange it and buy a more casual Chanel tote. You don't have to get one of the classics, get something younger-and more comfortable to carry.
    If you can't exchange it, then sell it and get it out of your closet. Nothing is more reproachful than an unused, expensive bag. Then use the money towards another bag, maybe Chanel, maybe not.
  15. Definately sell that bag and get something u will love... and buying a pre-loved bag is not a bad idea if u wanna stick with Chanel. Think of it like this... if you decide to sell your bag on *Bay or something, you will be selling a bag you wore like 3 times and probably still looks brand new for a deep discount. Well, there are plenty of ladies doing the same thing you will be doing with your white elephant but they will be selling a bag that works for YOU.

    Here's my experience...I fell in love with the Lux Ligne after I saw all the pics in tPF library and HAD TO HAVE ONE. But, I had no choice but buy pre-loved cos no longer avail in stores. I never thought I would get a "used" bag. That just sounded gross to me. But I was so obsessed with the bag I thought I would just try to find one that was mint and made sure the seller took returns. Long story short, my Lux Ligne Bowler is my most favorite bag and I wear it ALL THE TIME even tho I have many CCs. Plus I paid waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay less than retail for a bag she wore 3 times!!!!!!!

    So just think about it.

    By the way the title of your thread made me die laughing once I relalized what you were referring to!!! :lol: