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  1. i was counting down... counting down to end of ban... counting down to EU trip... and tadah, im back after 26 days. it was a fruitful trip. or rather fruitsssful trip. :P

    went to numerous Chanel boutique in multiple cities... trying to find THE bag. nothing caught my attention until i was at Galaries Lafayette's Chanel. i tried it.. happy with it.. but i never buy it. Becos... i wanted to buy it at Rue Cambon. :biggrin:
  2. :popcorn::popcorn:
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  5. went to Rue Cambon... i was so happy that i finally get to Rue Cambon boutique. saw the red patent reissue on the shelf. i love the raspberry red. a pity that they only have 227 size and i was looking for 226 or smaller.

    the SA - Alice was very sweet. she showed me the other 226 reissues in brown, navy and black patent but nothing caught my attention. i tried on a coco rain flap. not sure about the name but it was really big and the lambskin is sooooooooo soft. love it but... im not very comfy with lambskin. i can't manage lambskin well. i asked Alice about the bag i saw at Galaries Lafayette. she didn't know what was i talking about... till she asked her colleagues. they checked the inventory and found one last piece. Alice went around the store roomsssss to find the bag (and i thought she has gone to wonderland)... after 15mins... i got bored and walked to the CJs section...
  6. CJ loots!!!!! I love it!!!!! :graucho:
  7. :popcorn:

    show us show us!
  8. I want to seeeee ^_^
  9. Let's see what you got!
  10. i went to CJs section with a mission on hand. gaga_ser wanted a cuff. i saw it, double confirmed with Alice by showing her the picture and she triple confirmed it with the style code.

    she showed me all the CJs they have while her colleagues went into wonderland to locate the bag. Rue Cambon has a wider selection of the CJs as compared to the few other boutiques in Chanel.

    i shortlisted 3 items and was moving on to get the 4th when Alice prompted that each person is ONLY allow to buy ONE classic bag, ONE seasonal bag and FOUR CJs!!!! with the cuff and the other 3 CJs i have shortlisted, i've hit the quota.
  11. oh gosh... I made you loose a CJ... you could have given mine a miss!!!!

    But thanks for getting it for me Babe! Please do the honour to reveal my cuff too!
  12. :couch:
  13. 'its okay' i said to myself. shall save the $$$ and buy something else instead. we went back to the bag section and Alice said that the bag has been found. that was after more than 30mins. she took it out and i smiled. i must have smiled so brightly, happily and relieved (becos i wasn't sure if the SAs know exactly which bag was i talking about) that Alice asked if i have been searching for this bag for quite a while. i told her YES, i knew i wanted to get it even before i left for EU.

    ka-ching... cards got swiped. boxes got wrapped. i left the boutique after spending more than 1hr. DH and PIL were waiting for me outside and they wondered what has happened to me inside. :graucho: when MIL saw the paper bag, she said 'you got your bag finally!'. MIL is so sweet. she got 'worried' when i did not buy any bags in the first 18 days of my trip. lolx. she must have regretted it now.

  14. ur mil is so so so sweet! :tender:Congrats on finding ur bag!

    show us!
  15. Really appreciate your thoughts Babe! :love::flowers::hugs::smooch: