The "Which LV bag would you rather get" GAME!

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  1. Felicie

    Locky bb or speedy b 25?
    kadelle likes this.
  2. speedy b 25!

    Artsy MM or Noé GM?
  3. Artsy mm
    Croisette azur or mono pochette metis?
  4. Just bought the mono Pochette Metis yesterday online. It's beautiful, and a slam dunk!
  5. Um, please. Pochette Metis all the time.
  6. Pochette Metis

    Mulit pochette accessorie or speedy nano
  7. Speedy nano.

    Empreinte blanche bb or reverse mono pochette metis.

  8. Reverse PM

    Cannes or vanity pm?
  9. Vanity pm
    Empreinte alma bb or pm?
  10. Alma bb.

    Nano noe or nano turenne.

  11. Definitely nano turenne

    vanity pm or nice mini?
  12. Vanity pm.

    Cannes or Bleecker box.
  13. Cannes

    How abt Zoe or twist compact xs?
  14. Zoe.

    Croisette in DA or Vavin PM.

  15. Croisette da
    Empreinte alma or empreinte neonoe?