The "Which LV bag would you rather get" GAME!

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  1. Vanity pm
    Mono Montaigne mm or mono soufflot mm?
  2. Montaigne

    Boursicot EW or Cannes?
  3. Cannes
    Mono alma pm or DE alma pm?
  4. Alma PM in Damier!

    Would you choose Vavin PM in Damier with Beige leather accents or Empreinte in Tourterelle?
  5. tourterelle empreinte

    mini boite chapeau reverse or mono?
  6. Mono

    LV Empreinte Bumbag Black or Palm Springs Mini Mono?
  7. Palm Springs Mini Mono :loveeyes:

    Montsouris PM or Lexington in baby blue vernis?
  8. Montsouris pm
    Empreinte neonoe or empreinte metis?
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  9. Empreinte neonoe

    vanity pm or Cannes?
  10. Vanity pm
    Empreinte neonoe or mono neonoe?
  11. Mono neonoe.

    Montaigne bb or pochette metis.
  12. Pochette metis
    Mono soufflot bb or mm?
  13. Mono soufflot bb

    mono nano speedy or Damier ebene south bank besace
  14. Nano speedy

    iena mm or neverfull mm
  15. Neverfull mm

    Felicie or favorite mm