The "Which LV bag would you rather get" GAME!

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  1. Petite Malle

    Pochette double zip blossom or heart new wave noir?
  2. Heart new wave noir.

    Dauphine MM or the mini luggage?
  3. Mini luggage

    Bond st bb or Kensington?
  4. Bond street bb
    Mono surene bb or mono alma bb?
  5. Surene.

    Toupie or Petite Malle?
  6. Petite Malle
    Mono surene bb or Pallas bb with leather sides?
  7. Pallas BB

    Alma PM Epi Noir or Pochette Metis Empreinte Rose Poudre?
  8. Empreinte pochette metis!
    Surene bb or Pallas bb with leather sides?
  9. Pallas BB

    Siena MM or Clapton Backpack in rose
  10. Clapton Backpack in rose

    Double Pouchette Blossom or Saintonge in Rose Poudre?
  11. Saintonge in Rose Poudre

    Alma PM in Epi Noir or MyLockme BB in Rubis?
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  12. Alma pm in epi noir

    Pochette double zip flower or Saintonge?
  13. Rivoli BB DE or Pallas BB rose accent?
  14. Pallas BB Rose

    MyLockme BB Rubis or Pochette Metis Rose Poudre?
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  15. Saintonge because you can fit a Sarah wallet but I have both...the pochette double is very cute!
    Surene bb or mono alma bb?