The "Which LV bag would you rather get" GAME!

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  1. I like Capucines BB My sis inlaw owns one.
  2. Blanche BB
  3. Surenne bb

    Pochette metis or Pallas bb?
  4. Pochette Metis!

    Flower hobo or Turenne mm?
  5. Had the flower hobo and sold it and lvoe my turenne mm!!
    Nice bb or Pallas beauty case?
  6. Nice BB.

    Pochette voyage in galaxy or daily pouch in rose poudre empreinte?
  7. Daily pouch rose poudre empreinte

    Thanks for the advice leechiyong. Yeah it’s a tough one, but where I am I’m even lucky the trunk MBC came in. Everything is so scarce, and nothing is available. And with this stupid no hold, no waitlist system I can’t get anything. I want the leopard Xmas charm, but nothing, and I’ve been checking and calling for over a month now. I’m so disappointed. By chance I popped in and saw the MBC trunks and the SA said it just came in, and that was 4 days ago, so I’m gathering by now it’s gone, lol..... I didn’t want to buy it just in case I was sure about the pattern if you know what I mean. And hubby wasn’t with me, so couldn’t give me any input either. But I have to admit the design was beautiful and I could see myself using it. It was only the pattern. Oh well, it’s probably gone now, no point thinking about it.

    Anyway, croisette or Pochette Metis reverse?
  8. Pochette metis reverse!
    Mono NF mm or mono artsy?
  9. Mono artsy.

    PA or mini PA?
  10. PA

    Alma bb epi Noir or Blanche bb Noir?
  11. Blanche bb noir
    Galaxy pocket organizer or mono pocket organizer?
  12. Blanche bb
    Mono speedy or DE speedy?
  13. DE speedy

    Normandy or Lymington
  14. Lymington
    Epi Neo Noê or Epi Speedy?
  15. Epi Neo Noe
    Monogram Neo Noe or Epi Alma bb?