The "Which LV bag would you rather get" GAME!

  1. Damier speedy 35

    mono alma bb or mono Alma MM
  2. mono Alma MM!!

    cherry blossom papillon or watercolor speedy ??
  3. WC speedy

    Mirage speedy or Roses speedy?
  4. Roses Speedy!!!

    Cube Noir Speedy or Rose Pop Vernis Alma?
  5. Alma!

    Damier ebene beauborg or damier ebene NF MM?
  6. damier ebene NF MM

    Alma MM in Pomme d'amour or Epi Brea MM in Rubis?
  7. Alma MM in pomme

    Sunset blvd. in gris or SC clutch in mono?

    Fun thread! Good idea.

    Porte documents monogram macassar?


    Ports documents graphite?
    vuitton mens briefcase porte document graphite.JPG vuitton mens briefcase porte document.JPG
  9. That's hard! I'll say Macassar.

    Multicolore Ursula or Damier Griet?
  10. Graphite!!

    Leopard scarf (any color) or sunnies?
    Sigh I don't have either :sad:
  11. Sorry, my subconscious missed the bag part...

    L'Absolu or l'essentiel?
  12. Lessential

    Speedy Graffitti or speedy dentelle?
  13. Speedy Graffiti

    keepall 50 or Pegase 55 both mono
  14. keepall 50

    vernis alma gm amarante or mono stephen
  15. Vernis Alma amarante

    suhali lockit pm in Ivory or Le Radieux Ivory