The "Where is So-and-So" Threads

  1. I am wondering if we can discuss the rule that "Where is <TPF-MemberName>" threads are to be moved to "General Discussion" if they are posted in a subforum.

    I noticed that the "Where is Prada's Meadow" thread in the Celebrities subforum didn't it get moved like a similar thread in Balenciaga did. I'm sure it didn't get moved because it's obvious that Prada's posts in the Celebrities subforum were missed, so it didn't make sense to move it. I wholeheartedly agree!!

    I don't like the practice of moving such threads because usually a 'community' is formed in a subforum and when someone asks about the whereabouts of a poster it pertains directly to their posts in that particular subforum. In the case of the abovementioned Balenciaga thread, moving it effectively put an end to the discussion, because hardly anyone who would be 'invested' in that particular discussion could find it anymore.

    I'm just pointing this out because I believe if there are rules they should either be applied equally to everyone or reevaluated and perhaps discontinued (which I must confess I am hoping will happen in the case of this rule). :graucho:
  2. I just replied in my thread that you reference below.

    My guess is that my thread was not moved because Prada's Meadow is a moderator in the Celebrity Section and posts most of her threads there.

    I'm sure that Vlad or Megs could help clarify and/or sort this out if you PM them.

  3. I will talk to Vlad about reconsidering, but as of now the designated sections are there for their designated topics. It would not just be one thread about one person, or one birthday wish, but TONS of threads that would extremely clutter the areas they are in.

    The thread about Prada's Meadow was left because she is indeed a moderator and the moderator of that specific forum. Not only do people miss her posts, but also her moderating the area. She runs that forum, hence people looking for her in that section is an exception to the rule :smile: