The Wendy Williams thread

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  1. To discuss Wendy....things not covered by the show.
  2. I've been listening to Wendy since the 80s when she was on KISS fm here in NYC.
  3. I never really paid attention to her until her show....and of course I heard the Whitney interview....whew!

    I Dont think she came on my radio station but she was on the station in college.
  4. Um...wasn't KISS her first gig in like 1990...she was somewhere in the caribbean first right or am I deleting a few years from my life? the latter is entirely possible since I no longer count my age...
  5. She was in the Caribbean after she got fired from Kiss, then Philly then wbls.
  6. Wait, that would mean she was fired from KISS like 3 times then right?
  7. I used to listen to her radio talk show back in the day. I lost interest in her TV show, but I still love her!
  8. Where do you get 3 times? She worked at kiss in the 90's then got fired.
  9. Wasn't she at KISS twice? Maybe I confusing her going to Hot 97 and BLS and obviously to lazy to google.
  10. Same here. Wendy was great, radio. So, so messy but funny at times:lol:
    Her coke induced rants were legendary!!!
    Water cooler convo. Most days.
    Does anyone recall why she got fired?
    As much as she is out there, she earned her spot on both TV and radio.
  11. The company that owned Hot97 bought KISS or something like hat. They made Kiss a smooth r & b station irrc. Wendy went over to Hot97, she implied that Diddy was the gay rapper and supposedly he got her fired. She also got into a fight w/ Angie (who I dont care for).
  12. She was on Kiss in 1989, she came on after Carol Ford.
  13. Wbls merged with kiss after she left wbls to do her own show. She got fired from Kiss in the late 90's because of Puffy. She then did radio in St. John and then went to Philly. After Philly she went to wbls.
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    I thought she was in the Caribbean right after college.
  15. Williams began her career working for WVIS in the Virgin Islands.[3] In 1989, Williams began at urban contemporary WRKS (now WEPN-FM) in New York City as a substitute disc jockey. WRKS hired her full-time for its morning show. A year later, Williams moved to an afternoon drive-time shift, eventually winning the Billboard Award for "Best On-Air Radio Personality" in 1993.[citation needed] In December 1994, Emmis Broadcasting purchased WRKS and switched Williams to the company's other New York property, hip-hop formatted WQHT ("Hot 97"), as WRKS was reformatted into an urban adult contemporary outlet. She was fired from Hot 97 in 1998.[2]

    Williams was hired by a Philadelphia urban station, WUSL ("Power 99FM"). Her husband, Kevin Hunter, became her agent.[2] She was very open about her personal life on air, discussing her miscarriages, breast enhancement surgery,[2] and former drug addiction,[3] and helped the station move from 14th place in the ratings to 2nd.[2]

    In 2001, Williams returned to the New York airwaves when WBLS hired her full-time for a syndicated 2–6 p.m. time slot. Williams' friend, MC Spice of Boston, offered his voiceover services to the show, often adding short rap verses tailored specifically for Williams' show. The New York Times stated that her "show works best when its elements – confessional paired with snarkiness – are conflated," and cited a 2003 interview with Whitney Houston as an example.[8] During the highly publicized interview[9] that "went haywire" and included "a lot of bleeped language", Williams "asked [Houston], insistently, about her drug and spending habits".[10]