The weirdest thing you ever carried in your Dior!

  1. i took my gaucho tote for some late xmas shopping and i was so crazed with the madness around me that i put fresh fish in it! :roflmfao: i took it out straight away of course but for a minute it was in there !!!!:yes: i promised her i will never do it again!

    how about u Ladiez any fun stories :yahoo:
  2. A fish?!??! LOL! :roflmfao:

    No funny stories from me regarding weird things in my Dior bags. I'm too boring for that.
  3. How funny!!

    Neither.. maybe i'm just anal when it comes to my bags, i try not to even put food in it.
  4. yes a freshly gutted sea bass if i might add :roflmfao:
  5. :roflmfao::roflmfao: at the fish in the gaucho!

    (well actually the sound of sea bass is making me hungry! a cooked one that is!)

    i'm on the crazy anal camp too, i try to not overload my bags or put any food items in them, particularly sweets.

    the wackiest thing i can think of is when i didn't have any papers or packing material to stuff into my trotter romantique bag to give it shape, so i stuffed it with my wool scarves instead.

  6. mmm your trotter must have loved u for that the scarves sound fluffy and cosy and nice she must have been delighted and spoiled ! :yahoo:

    is that too strange im treating the bags like people? does my pink bally really misses me when i keep her on the shelf for too long? :confused1: :roflmfao:
  7. MMM... that sounds yummy! Weirdest thing for me?? Bonzai Tree. I didn't want my mother to see it so I stuck it in my girly boston for about 10 mins.

  8. wow what is so bad about a bonsai tree that u didnt want your mum to see if i may ask? :yes:
  9. i don't have anything better than a fish in a gaucho. lemmee see... nope. you took the cake!
  10. I've carried Indian spices in mine. Thankfully nothing spilled!
  11. LOL! Such cute stories!!!