The Weirdest LV You'll Ever See

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  1. I had to exit out of the screen... am I the only one that was freaked out by that bunny's eyes? :sweatdrop:
  2. i think its the nasal area that really freaked me out...
  3. Boy oh boy ! i hope he does not "hop" into my dreams tonight. he looks scary
  4. I can't imagine a kid playing with this... Creepy!
  5. if you're an Antiques Roadshow (UK) follower, you'll like it. if it is indeed LV, i LOVE it even more. im sure LV would want it for their archives :yes:
  6. Interesting, I've never seen anything like it!
  7. ITA......the off yellowishness.....shivers:sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
  8. Quote from the question and answer

    "hi, just an information for you... This automaton was made probably for the Louis Vuitton shops but the name of the maker of this automaton is "roullet decamps" (a famous French automaton and mechanical toys maker who lived in PARIS too) so you can see on the kee the 2 letters "R.D" it means " Roullet Decamps" I hope that those informations can be interesting for you ans send to you my best regards 2004lucl (I beg you pardon, my english language is not perfect...)"

    I'm scare of the rabbit!
  9. yeah that bunny is freaky. you are so right john!
  10. That is a tad on the weird side!
  11. oh God!!! i LOVE that BUNNY!
    i am a little freak sometimes though :p
  12. ...then there's the talented Murakami. Thank god, saves the day with his cute and colorful critters. Hehe.
  13. it's cute, does it move at all?
  14. LOL! It's sorta cute!