The Weirdest/Coolest things you can do with Hot Dogs...

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  1. It doesn't look as pretty, but you can also cut up the hot dogs and put 'em in some Mac and Cheese.
  2. Kinda creepy lol
  3. :roflmfao: Octo-dog!
  4. ^^LMAO!! They do look creepy!!
  5. LMAO..I saw the title and was like......Hmmm,does this contain sumthin ..errr......BAD?????
  6. loll jill, were you preparing to "close" this thread?! haha
  7. Ha I was thinking the exact same thing as Jill because well... there used to be this girl in high school who was nicknamed "Hot Dog Girl" for reasons that I will leave up to you to guess.

    And those octodogs are freaky looking... hot dogs are kind of freaky looking to begin with if you stare at them too long LOL. Okay, I'm going to go now before I start talking about what's IN hotdogs.
  8. Those pictures are funny! The coolest thing you can do w/ a hot dog IMO is a corndog! So gross, really when you think about it, but they are really good w/ some yellow mustard every once in a while.
  9. LMAO. IMAGINE!!:lol:

    i think the octodogs are creepy.:yucky:
    anyway, i just like grilling them (or just putting them in the microwave)
    and slicing them into chunks. :upsidedown:

    if i dont eat them just like that, i might put them into yellow rice. :yes:

    a SIMPLE corn dog is also very tasty
  10. OMG if I still had lil kids I'd totally do the octopus dog. I'm sure you could easily make them with just a paring knife. I would however leave the whipped cream off the plate. What's up with that???
  11. ^^ agreed! the first thing I thought was not about the octo-dog, but why the hot dog was on the same plate was whipped cream? ahaha, but that octo-dog thing is so funny!

  12. LMAO, there was a girl in my HS who's nickname was the same thing and probably for the same reason.:roflmfao:

    But the first one is cute!
  14. "'Made out with a hot dog'!?! Oh, my God! That was ONE time!"