The weird shape - does anybody have the Coussin?

  1. Usually I read about the Coussin only in the "Which bag would you never buy"-threads. But lately I find myself strangely attracted to the bag :nuts: Does anybody have it and can tell me if it is practical? Pictures would also be great...
  2. coussin shape is very cute, reminds me of a pillow so great for hugging :biggrin:.
    i was interested in the bag and so i did a search previously and found quite a few threads + pics on coussin gm. in the end i decided not to get it as it seems that the print on the top rounded corners can get rubbed off or something. also it can be harder to zip close due to the round edge. sory cannot remember the details very clearly. too bad the search function is not available now.
  3. I'll post pictures up later, but the bag itself is very small (depth-wise it's like nothing) and you have to stack your items on top of one another to get everything to fit. I had one but I sold it a few months ago, it was not practical at all and usually I don't really complain about small bags.
  4. hm ok, sounds like it's not for me then either...I don't like things cramped in the bag.