The Weekender / Voyage Club

  1. Anyone whos into the VOYAGE should come togther ... in every nation ...

    I've been falling in love with it for almost 5 seasons and the love never dies. Everytime I see a new color or someone toting one I'd gasp ...

    Heres my beloved collection

    C'mom y'all! Join the club!
  2. Pretty colors...
  3. someone is offering me a taupe weekender for $700..I dont know if I should get it since i am just 5'2:unsure: :unsure:
  4. I'm 5'2" too (sometimes, 5'5" with wedges) and it looks fine, as long you don't use it as a purse. I usually use it when I travel or if I have to carry ALOT of stuff to work. Here is my beloved Ink (encre) Weekender. Unimakiboi, love :love: your "to die for" collection!!....such beautiful need to post bigger pics, that pic doesn't do them justice.
    (3) Balenciaga Weekender - 1385.JPG
  5. oh, can you post a pic of you toting it? please:shame:
  6. Unfortunately, it's 3:28am here, and I'm staying at my in-laws, my husband and son are asleep near me, sorry :sad: ....maybe tommorrow. Maybe Unimakiboi, can help?!
  7. 700$? man, if you dont want it, let me know. I'd die to have a taupe.

  8. U watch that ink weekend tight man. someones gonna sneak into yr room and snag it. that certain someone would be me!

    I want an INK ONE! ::cries and collapse::

    where did u get it gorgeous?
  9. pursemama, since u are first one to post with picture, i crown you the vice president of THE BALENCIAGA VOYAGE CLUB! LOL
  10. Here are (some) of my Weekenders:

    1) Seafoam (2004 - Spring/Summer) :
  11. Here's the 2005 White (yes - the OLD Leather); with the accessories from the same season ("Boobie" and Mini-Purse/Coin):

  12. #12 Apr 29, 2006
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    I also have the Black Weekender (2004) ... wouldn't mind adding a few more - some choices:

    1) Apple Green
    2) Bordeaux Weekender
    3) Eggplant
    4) Magenta

    not allowed
  13. ^ Gosh, the colors are beautiful!
  14. Hey CEEJAY,

    Impressive collection. With a lil boobie hangin with it! Loves it.

    But hey, if anyone is selling their old ones here, I am getting it first, u get in line! LOL.
  15. I think this bag is very pretty...I don't know anything about Balenciaga & can't see them in person...

    Can this be carried over the shouler? Is it still being made? I love big bags, what are the approx. measurements?

    Thanks! :smile:
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