The Weekender...please help!

  1. I am looking to buy a giant weekender. I know they are HUGE and VERy expensive, but I can't resist. I haven't seen either of the two I am thinking about buying (the store has to order it for me) so if you know about either color or have pics, please send them! Also, I need to know for sure if the Giant Weekender is going to be the one with the large gold hardwear that look like thimbles??
    The first color is Galet. I am assuming it is stone color since the word means "pebble." Then the other color is Tuffe. That one I think is a brown. Any preference??
  2. There is a whole lot of GORGEOUS pictures here. I have never paid attention to a Weekender so I am not sure if it comes in GGH(Gold Giant Hardware) which you want. BUT I can imagine it to be really really heavy if it does.
  3. I think tuffe is truffle. It's a beautiful warm brown. I don't know how to post links, but check the reference thread, color reference, and look in the thread for brown color family.
  4. GH is gorgeous and perfectly balenced on a Weekender sized bag!
  5. I agree with KDC the GH looks great on such a large bag. I would get a weekender, but my bank account wont let me at the current moment :p