The Weekend

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  1. What is everyone up to??

    Mine should be good...nothing too crazy, but good...

    Last nite: Went to happy hour with a friend and then chilled at home

    Tonite: Going to Dave & Buster's with my boyfriend (because what's better than a drink in one hand and a skee ball in the other? LOL)

    Tomorrow: Work out...finish editing book...chill.

    Can't wait til the summer. I feel like there are better things to do on the weekend in the summer.
  2. Last Night: Dinner at Fogo de Chao in Beverly Hills for my mother's birthday

    Tonight: Have one last dinner with my sister before she's gone to canada for the week

    Tomorrow: I'm off from work - need to clean my house and then go shopping ^^
  3. Went to a cute cheese shop last night for some wine and cheese.. then headed to Connecticut and went to Foxwoods casino ..

    today -- working unfortunately (at least I can work from home which helps...)
    Tonight going to dinner for my bf's dad's birthday ...
    Tomorrow -- potentially going shopping somewhere.. possibly Wrentham outlets.
  4. I'll be having a boring weekend... not much spare cash as I'm saving for my own place...
    tonight I'll be putting together a new clothes closet that I just bought haha
    but everyone... have a great weekend!
  5. Friday night: DH and I went to dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant. Yummy! I had bruschetta for an appetizer and proscuitto wrapped scallops with risotto and mango salsa. DH had oysters and filet mignon.

    Saturday: DH and I went to the hardware store and bought paint to paint doors and trim -- they were looking dingy. I also did a shoe project where I took pics of my shoes and put the pics on the front of my shoe boxes. That way I can always see which shoes I have.

    Sunday: if it doesn't rain, I may get my car washed. I also may see if I have any items I can put on eBay for some extra cash.
  6. Last night: Went out with a girlfriend to celebrate her job promotion!

    This morning: Cleaned up my flowerbeds! That was a great workout! 2 hours in the was awesome!!!

    This afternoon: Went to a girlfriends candle me some elephant tealight holders! (Elephants are my WEAKNESS!!!)

    This evening: Watched a movie with the fam!

    Tomorrow: Church in the AM, grocery shopping right after, then coming home and preparing for my first book party! I am super excited!!!
  7. Went out to breakfast with my 2 kids
    Shopping all day for shoes for my daughter
    watched the "Bourne Supremacy" takeout and a few beers
    watched SNL (repeat)
  8. I'm a big nerd, but I prefer to stay in on Friday. I'm usually just drained and want to sit around and do nothing, or stuff I don't get to during the week, like starting laundry.

    I went to lunch, shopping, and out to dinner w/ my mom yesterday.

    Today, I think I am going to go to the bookstore, groceries and cut the grass when it gets a bit cooler in the evening. Oh, so very exciting!
  9. Well, I've been getting over a cold so I just stayed in Friday...yesterday just did some reading, stuff around the house...made some spicey vegetable soup to help knock out this cold.

    Today...a few errands in town...and BF is back from a week on business so he gets a major Welcome Home this afternoon :graucho::graucho::graucho:
  10. Saturday: Cleaned the whole house then watched a movie
    Sunday: Went out of town to visit my cousin and ate like a pig
  11. LOL..I spent the day at DAVE AND BUSTERS !!how funny...i took my daughter and her best friend,had a blast!(I can never say no to the bananas foster pie at the restaurant there though..hehe!)