The week started off rough but then UPS arrived...a small reveal

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  1. So Monday morning I get to work to find that I had to deal with a MAJOR personnel issue of the not so nice kind.

    Tuesday, I am driving to work and the "Check Engine" Light pops on. Tuesday night, the mechanic calls and says, "When you come in for you 90k service and timing belt you'll need a new catalytic converter as well." For those that do not know this is his way of saying, "Bring the credit card with the big limit not the run around town limit."

    But then Wednesday came and a new friend got to meet some even newer friends.

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  2. Oooh! Another reveal! I've been right on the mark for several live ones this week - first time ever!!!

    Refresh!!! Refresh!!!
  3. Nothing like H to make life a little better. Who are we kidding, we are all big kids that use H instead of a bandaid...:yahoo:
  4. While in Paris I decided I would make my first H purchase something that I need rather than something I want. Also figured after my last trip and run-in with our friends at Customs, it should also be something well under the radar. Since I actually need a new journal to chronicle the crazy world that is mine, I decided to go for a Ulysse MM in rouge.

    Got back from Paris and decided that I really needed a book to carry around me - a book of thanks if you will - in order to better appreciate the little things in life. And I also need to spice it up a bit - get a little color in there so I called H - NYC - Madison Ave, spoke to Shannon and ordered a Raisin Ulysse MM with multicolored fillers and a rouge Carmencita bookmark.

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  5. Oooh - I LOVE that color!!!! Fabulous! Congratulations!!!
  6. And suddenly the week got a whole better. Weighed myself at the doctor's and found out I lost 6 lbs. over the past few months. MIL decided to not to involve DH in her little family drama. Our accountant called to report good news. And to celebrate DH has decided to make cassoulet for dinner and a tarte tatin for dessert. Oh la la!!

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  7. Fabulous, Valencia! I hope everything works out for your car!
  8. Say, is that paper lined in your large agenda?? BTW.....they are both lovely! Love those colors together!
  9. What a wonderful way the week turned out and a fabulous reveal. Ulysses are great! Just wish they made lined paper.
  10. Glad to hear your week has gotten better....
    Great purchases!
  11. glad things are looking up!! What a great turnaround. sorry about the car though, that can really cause a downturn in hermes spending....

    your agendas are gorgeous!
    I love the idea of keeping track of the good things in life!!

    congratulations all 'round!
  12. India - Thanks. I can hardly believe the vibrancy of the colors. Just opening the Raisin Ulysse and seeing the colors makes e smile.

    Bijouxlady and Sus - The Ulysse MM has the line guide inside of it so that's why the pages look lined. When I was at FSH, the SA told me that they are going to introduce a filler with lined pages in the near future.

    Bijouxlady - The catalytic converter isn't a real big deal. But my mechanic knows I am a cheap on certain things. The folks at the dealership know not to ask me about buying a new car b/c my standard reply is, "A new car payment. Oh no, I have handbags to buy and a retirement to fund." :lol:
  13. So glad your week has turned out so well...I need some of your magic PIXIE dust as mine needs your tournaround! Great items and I am so happy for you!:yahoo:
  14. Great buys, Valencia, what a great way to cheer yourself up!
  15. Gorgeous!