The wedding got changed BACK to 09 instead of 08.... Poo

  1. Once again my fiance's and my wedding date got postponed until 09. My mother refuses to pay if I am still only 18 (even though she said he could marry me, and has no problem with us gettiing married when I am 19), and my fiance wants to have more school under his belt. Every time it gets changed I get incredibly excited and start planning, then POOF it is back to 09 (it has changed about 6 times now). Almost two years away. :wtf::crybaby:
  2. Thats a shame, but I would try not to worry, he wants to marry you and wanting to get more school under his belt is surely a good thing.
    When it comes to a year, the time will fly by, you can still plan, some brides are planning for 2010.x
  3. True, you'll have more planning time. Plus, what's really important is your relationship. You are in love and committed. Ain't nuthin' gonna change that! :p
  4. don't worry about I'm planning and I have no date I'm hoping we're looking at 2009 but the way things have been going so far who know's
  5. You're still young and he's doing the responsible thing by getting some education down so when you're both able to really put money into the wedding things would be a lot less stressful because he won't be thinking about the program that he's in etc.

    Congrats and your day will come! :smile:
  6. How old are you? 18? If I were your mother you'd be waiting a whole lot longer than that for me to pay for it. IMO you are way too young to even know who you are, let alone whether you are right for another person. But JMHO
  7. That must be hard for you, but you have 2 years to grow with your fiance and plan more! It will come before you know it!
  8. We have been together for a year and a half and it is just one of those situations where we really are meant for eachother. All of our friends, and families are extremely supportive of us being together. Both of us are very mature for our ages, I have been in college for two years, and his parent moved to another state and he completely takes care of himself financially and has no debt.

    I understand the waiting because of school, but I am still dissappointed. I am still moving out in 08 and will have to pay for an apartment, health and auto insurance, and just wish that we would get married already.

    Sounds silly I know, but it is slightly disappointing. At least I will have more time to plan the details.
  9. its okay 2 yrs isn't that far away, it will fly by like nothing. i am planning mine in 2011 lol..when i finish school
  10. ^^^^^As someone who has been with their fh for 3 years total and engaged for 2 years and who is at the end of the planning cycle.....2 years will go by FAST.

    I totally understand how bummed you are and you have a right to be. But I've been planning my wedding for 2 years and it has flown by. I honestly don't think I would have wanted to get married any sooner.

    You could flip this bummer into a good thing and take your time planning everything, IMHO it's much easier to do things slowly, than like my friends who just got engaged Labor Day weekend and are going to get married this Memorial Day 08'!!! She's already stressing, so turn this into a stress reducing plus!!!!!!!
  11. It must be disheartening to have to change your wedding date so many times. But it sounds like you are surrounded by people who love and care about you!!! Good luck!!
  12. It might be changed yet again. My fiance wants to talk with his dad this week when we visit them (they live in another state and his father is an accountant). The stress of the date constantly changing is making me want to SCREAM!!! AHHH! Men really do not realize that there is a certain amount of time and planning needed for a wedding.
  13. :tup: I second that.

    You are very lucky your mom loves you very much. She is a wise woman.
  14. That's a long time and I bet because you're excited, you want to get started NOW! :smile: I'm sure that's very hard.
    I have to say though, I think your mom and fiance are being very wise and logical. Remember, once you get married, you have the REST of your life to be connected to him. So, try and just have fun and enjoy this un-attached time in your young life.