The Webster for Target May 6th

  1. For those of you who ordered your Webster stuff online, has anyone else had problems returning items in store? I went to my local Target to return three items from my order today, and it took over an hour because the transaction wasn't pulling up in their system. They had to call up the corporate office and perform about a million different overrides before they finally got it figured out. The girl who was helping me commented that they had the same problem earlier in the day with another online return.

    Oh, and I also just realized that they didn't give me my sales tax back. God only knows how long it's going to take to reclaim that.
  2. Last night I returned the two dresses I ordered online and had no problem at all. I had paid via PayPal so they refunded me the entire amount via Target gift card. I immediately used the gift card to pay for a larger size of one of the dresses I had returned. When I got home, I used the remaining balance to order a larger size of the other dress.

    I hope you get it all sorted out -- good luck!
  3. ^I'm 5'3" too. Petite sizes are hit or miss for me. Typically, the arms in petite blazers are too short for me and the petite pant lengths are too short as well. However, I am a size 00 or 0, so petite skirts and tops usually work well on my tiny frame. I read some comments in this thread about some of the Webster items being "boxy", which is a nightmare for me. That's why I was wondering about the petite sizing.
  4. I'm totally keeping the navy eyelet dress but still on the fence about the deco dress and wedges. The shoe us running half size big for me.

    image-3299866999.jpg image-3930552620.jpg
  5. Love the shoes from this collection. They run big on me too as well as all Target shoes. I usually take a 8.5-9 in other shoes but 8 in Target.

    Are the wedges pictured with the navy dress Webster too? I didn't see those online.

    They really shouldn't have made the shoes exclusive to online because of the sizing issues. Shoes are the one thing you have to try.

    I ordered two sizes online because of that. I returned the ones I didn't keep in store yesterday and they got marked to clearance already. I asked the sales lady why so soon to clearance. She said online only return items go straight to clearance. You wouldn't believe what the price was.....$10.95.
  6. Not the poster but I think those wedges are ones that are from ALDO....
  7. LOVE them on you! That last dress is just bangin on your skin! I really want the last one but I'm 5'6 too but curvier to say the least.. I was thinking i could get away with an M but if you're a 6 I need the L then.
  8. I received my shoes in the mail today. I'm usually an 8 or an 8.5, so I decided to order an 8, because I find that most of my shoes from Target run a little large, and they fit perfect. I'm pretty sure I'm keeping the coral flats, but I'm unsure about the striped flats. I'm not sure I like the material, plus I feel like they'll get dirty quickly.


  9. That eyelet dress looks lovely on you, indi!
  10. I've heard people said that all online exclusive items including shoes, petite sizing went straight to clearance! not sure why.. and like shikki mentioned, the one on the right is from aldo.. :biggrin:

    Thanks, Kell!
    Both shoes looks great on you! I'm so tempted to order the flats.. the green and the navy stripe ones. :thinking:
  11. Those are so cute!
  12. Love both!