The Webster for Target May 6th

  1. I had the same problem. I think the sleeves made the dress look cheap. It would have been so much better if it had just a simple cap sleeve. I tried a bunch of stuff on because I'm going on vacation to palm beach tomorrow, but the only thing I liked was the white tunic. It was super soft and I figured it would be a nice transitional piece for on the plane. I also liked the white bikini, but I didn't want to chance what it would look like wet.
  2. I was really hoping to score some items from The Webster Collection. There were a few items that looked really cute but they all fit so boxy on me.
  3. You look amazing! DAYUM at those legs. :smile:

    I haven't been yet but I saw a bunch online that looked cute.
  4. This was the one dress I bought. (1st dress)

    I was tempted by this one, but I don't like the shoulders. (2nd)
    image-3994729552.jpg image-1065678514.jpg

  5. ITA. That dress could have been perfect with cap sleeves.

    I also liked the white tunics best and bought both the plain white and the white with navy embroidery (love this one). They were "meh" to me online but, in person, they were soft and neither too sheer nor too thick. They also fell to just the right place below the hips and skimmed the body perfectly. Hope they wash well.

    Funnily enough I also bought the two lounge-style robes. Most of the prints were too vintage for my taste but, somehow on a robe, they reminded me of a thirties starlet decadently lounging around her house with a cocktail in hand. I can do that. :smile: Got it in the pink/green palm tree print and in the navy deco print.

    That was all that interested me but I did do some serious damage at the Le Privet shop. :graucho:
  6. All of the dresses look really great on you DC Cutie! My fave is the palm print dress.

  7. I was at my local target and they have a bunch of Webster stuff. It's nice stuff, but I'm going to wait until it goes on clearance since they still have a lot of items in stock.
  8. Yep, that's what I was thinking about doing too!:smile:

  9. everything looks beautiful but the palm print is my fave. I bought this and one of the floppy hats. Do you recall seeing any of the wedges? I'm on the fence about the coral one.

  10. Think the shoes are only online. I got a pair and flats. They should be here tomorrow.
  11. Well, received my order today, except for the flats (they are coming tomorrow).

    The beach bag/palm tree purse IMO looks cheap and is going back.
    The navy maxi dress with the palm leaves print was huge and loose in the rear but I couldn't zip the zipper at all near my chest (and I am a 34A!). Going back.
    The plaid print skirt made my rear look huge. Going back.
    The art deco dress was so short if I raised my arms while wearing it I would be flashing everyone. Going back.
    The white cardigan was so cropped it didn't look right. Going back.

    The only thing that worked for me is the blue/green jersey dress which is pretty, soft and comfortable. I hope everyone else has better luck.

    I did go to target today and get a cute bronzy nailpolish and a lime one from cos bar.
  12. I don't know how I missed this collab...always love scoring fun resort wear. The cardis look TDF!
  13. Although this was sized very large, I agree, it is so soft and comfortable. It is light and will be very welcome for the hot months of summer.

    Thank you ladies who provided the mod shots. :urock: Will be getting wedges in the mail tomorrow or Friday. I have a feeling they will be too tall for me, but since they were not available in stores to try on, I had no choice but to do an online order.
  14. Thanks! That explains why I didn't see them. I'm going to wait for IRL pics before I order. Thanks to all you ladies for your mod shots :smile:
  15. The maxi dress looks great on you! The second dress looks great too, but I agree with you about the shoulders.