The weathered look -- I'm confused!

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  1. I'm scoping MABs and MAMs and keep coming across leathers that look like this ebay listed MAB in night blue:[​IMG]

    Or this Ravinstyle emerald MAM:

    The weathering is faint on this one, but I think it will intensify...

    (*This is odd -- on the Ravinstyle page the color is listed as Emerald, but when I drag the photo out in preparation to upload, it's titled "Evergreen". Maybe the pic is really evergreen...)

    Clearly not all the MAs have this intense crinkled/weathered look -- right? I've searched but can't seem to find the answer.

    This look isn't for me -- but I'm very interested in the Emerald (a hard color to get a grip on via photos), and want to make sure I buy the type of leather I really want.

    Are there any past explanations I can get a link to? As well as any old symposiums on the Emerald? I looked at the new Nikki in Emerald, but as pictured it doesn't knock me out. But I saw the Emerald Elisha pic earlier today and my hands started making that independent clutching motion we all know so well...

  2. ^^that is the evergreen bag. Not emerald. Evergreen is from the resort 2007 collection. Its really easy to tell the difference. The resort has the square studded hardware, and the emerald has the tassels, and when it is relaunched in fall, it will have the current new hardware.
  3. Ah, I knew it. So I'm waiting for the new emerald MAM. I noticed those 3 studs, but prefer the ones without. Thanks Desi! I feel like I'm barely getting to my yellow belt in RM...

    Is the weathering an issue only with the resort bags?
  4. I had an emerald MAM for a short time - it is not weathered (or as I like to say "wrinkly" lol) at all, it is very smooth. The leather is somewhat thinner than some of the other RM leathers however. But no, it's definitely not weathered at all on the original emerald bags (not sure if the new issue ones will be the same)
  5. I have the Night Blue's really soft...and the leather does look different from my Matinee...but it also doesn't look as wrinkly in real life as it does in that one picture there.

    I actually like this leather. That one in the pic looks a little extreme compared to the one I actually have. Maybe they all varey a bit.