the weather & your hobo .... ?

  1. hi ladies!

    this is my *FIRST* post so please bear with me... =)

    so i *lovelovelove* the hobo that the Hubby bought for me and want to use it more often but the weather is now cold, *wet* & dreary! this is my *first* gucci (hopefully not my last!), and i want to make sure that i'm doing all that i can to take care of it! do you Ladies use anything to "weatherproof" your bag or should i just leave her (yes 'her'! heehee) cozy, safe & warm in her box?
  2. Welcome! I have leather hobos, I treated them with Leatherstuff conditioner aned Appleguarde and the leather looks incredible. I have been caught in the rain and no problem, no water spots or anything. The quality of the leather is exquisite so the bags could have responded the same way without treatment but the treatment has worked great for me. Hope that helps!
  3. I haven't treated any of my canvas bags yet.. I don't feel the need to as I do for LV's naked vachetta.

    When it rains in my area... I always whip out the Gucci because I think they can take any beating (weather-wise). I don't even mind walking through the rain with my Abbey, or messenger.

    But if do feel the need that you should treat your bags, I reccomend Shining Monkey fabric spray! Sprays on great, and dries fast.

    Also, congrats on your new hobo.. (from looking at your avatar) it looks gorgeous! :biggrin:
  4. Welcome! I'm from the Bay also, & I have the same bag! I treated mine with Scotchgrad. It's been a year now & it still looks pretty good. I bring it out anytime & just try to hide it under my arm if it rains! Plus, if you ever want your bag cleaned & looking like new you can take it to the Gucci boutique & they send it out (takes a LONG time though) to clean for $100. Enjoy your bag!
  5. hi everyone!

    thanks so much for the advice! i really *appreciate* it! =)

    BeckyL - I've always wondered about whether or not Gucci would do the cleaning for me. How long is a *LONG* time?
  6. ^^^ Last time I was at the boutique they told me a month or 2. That's pretty long IMO! :shocked:
  7. 2 months? that's *waaay* too long! oh well, thanks much for the info, tho!

    your little doggie is super duper cute, btw!!!! =)