The way things used to be........

  1. Just found this pic in the celeb thread- look at how much cheaper the MC was a few years ago! :crybaby: Also notice that the writeup says it was "limited edition" back when that was the original plan:roflmfao:

    By my numbers, the increases are:
    Keepall:$620 :wtf: ( a whole mono speedy more!)
  2. Crazy, isn't it? :crybaby:
  3. I wish they would discontinue the multicolore line or atleast discontinue a few styles to make it more exclusive ans less common.

    I thought my Speedy was going to be limited back in 2003 when I was on the waitlist for it. :upsidedown:
  4. btw, does it strike anyone else as odd that the speedy is more expensive than the Alma? Esp. since the mono alma costs about $300 than a mono speedy?
  5. :crybaby: :yucky:
  6. yup....that's how it is...:Push:
  7. :wtf: :s :crybaby: Not fair...why did I not buy them sooner.....
  8. Hee hee. I am glad they made MC a permanent line or I wouldn't have all the pieces that I do. I still want the Eye Love You bag. One day. *Sigh*
  9. I´m pretty sure you will:lol:
  10. Wow! :wtf:
  11. I bought my mono papillion in 2002 for under 600$ from eluxury it was great
  12. The sad thing is that as long as we keep paying these ridiculous prices they will keep jacking them up.The increases have little or nothing to do with the cost of living going up.

    The thing is the quality is the same as it has always been.Their craftsman nor SA's aren't seeing big raises in their paychecks.
    We are just helping them pay for those elaborate stores & fancy partys they throw,so the jokes on us.
  13. I think they should throw a tPF party and we can all go. For the amount of business thise large group of enablers throws at them I think it s the least they could do
  14. Aw, that picture of Liz with her white alma is what made me fall in love with the bag!!!:nuts:
  15. :roflmfao: So true!!