The Way That I Feel About The Beatles

  1. I know that I am posting this randomly, but I only want this message to reach as many people as possible. I felt an urgency to post this because it would mean so much to me for someone to hear me out. Words alone could never describe the unconditional love that I have for every member of the Beatles, and so I tried my hardest to articulate the words that describe my life-long love affair with the Beatles and their music. I hope that I'm not the only one out there who feels the way that I do. Here goes nothing:

    I have always held an unwavering love of the Beatles burning in my heart for as long as I can remember, notably since I was in diapers. I have never been able to express to my friends or family or anyone else for that matter, the love that I possess for the Beatles. They have made such a great impact on my life because of the truely remarkable way that they have been able to withstand the test of time, remain a timeless favorite on the list of anyone's favorite bands, and most importantly of all, they have aquired the supreme talent of being able to hold my attention span infinitely, whereas a lot of things in my life don't. I hold them in such a degree of endearment, that sometimes when I find a vulnerable moment I only feel an urge to have a good cry for the sheer gratitude I have for the simple fact that the Beatles were ever created and exist. They were so ground-breaking and innnovative during their prime and certainly continue to hold such a title to this day; no musical artist furthermore has ever been able to come close to the sacred talent of the beauty that is the Beatles.

    I believe that the reason that they have touched and affected so many people worldwide such as myself, is because people who have been avid listeners of the Beatles, perhaps since the beginning of Beatlemania or maybe late bloomers who weren't lucky enough to have been alive during such an era [again, like myself] have LIVED WITH THEM through the music and events surrounding the timeframe that the Beatles' hayday was in. When I think of the Beatles personally, I almost value them in the same sense that you would a close friend or relative. And every time that I should tune in and kick back to one of their classic songs, I catch a wave of nostalgia and revel in the feelings of adoration for them that shroud the recesses of my mind, and perhaps even catch a tear at the corner of my eye.
  2. Doesn't anyone out there feel even remotely close to the way that I do about the Beatles on this forum? =/
  3. I have loved the Beatles since I was 14(I am 26 now ) Thier music shaped my teenage years , even though most of my class mates loved Nirvana ,which I never got into . I almost wore a whole through my Help CD , the whole album outs me in a better mood . No matter what problems I am facing I can always find a Beatles song that fits my mood .
  4. I've always liked the Beatles music...but not to the level you're expressing. I am interested in them at the moment because I rented the DVD of the documentary that was made of their first trip to the US, and I showed it to my 9yo daughter. She really got a kick out of it, and is now listening to Beatles CDs often. I just didn't want her to be one of those people who would say "who are the Beatles?" ... ;)

    Anyway, the documentary was interesting...but the additional footage on the DVD is even more fascinating (it's an interview w/the filmmaker plus some other footage that didn't make it to the final cut of the documentary).
  5. I love them too. I will never forget the day my Mom brought home the Sgt. Pepper album....:heart: I think that history will show that these men were not only pop stars, but musical geniuses. Their styles of music composition are very similar to classical composers (I'm not joking) and a lot can be learned about what they did just by listening. One of the high points of my life was seeing Paul McCartney in concert in 2005 and sitting in the 8th row.
  6. I can totally relate. While for me it is not The Beatles it is Bruce Springsteen. I have been a MAJOR Springsteen fan for over 25 years. Because of Springsteen I have met and married my Husband of almost 20 years. We plan our travels around Springsteen shows and tours. We have seen over 100 Bruce concerts. We have met many of our closest friends standing in line at Bruce shows. No one else would I ever consider waiting in line for 4 days just so I can be in the front row.

    Back to subject. I also really enjoy The Beatles and think they are one of the greastest bands in history.
  7. I was a year old when the Beatles finally came to the US. The first single (45rpm - for you kids out there) my mom ever bought me was "Paperback Writer". The first LP (33rpm) she ever bought me was "Hard Days Night" and it just went on and on from there. I have a huge amount of respect for this band as they changed the face of pop music in this country and unlike alot of artists at that time, gave credit where credit was due. American artists in the 50s and 60s covered alot of American black blues artists songs but claimed them as their own. The British embraced blues artists and showed more appreciation for them there then we did here. The Beatles made it no secret who their heroes were. And it was that influence in their music that made Lennon/McCartney amazing songwriters. They will forever be THEE number one popular music band in my book. Everyone copies their music just like they admittedly lifted things from the aforementioned artists. But like David Lee Roth said, if you are going to steal, steal from the best!!!:lol:
  8. Oh gosh, I love the Beatles, although clearly not as much as you do! Before I could even walk my uncle used to sing "Girl" to me while playing the guitar, and some of my favorite memories are from carpooling with one of my best friends, her mom, and my sister to gymnastics when I was 3 listening to Rubber Soul! We would blast "Run For Your Life" with the windows down and sing along. Sgt. Pepper is probably my favorite album though... they were geniuses!

    Have you ever watched Concert for George? It's not exactly the Beatles, but it's a tribute to George Harrison and it really is an incredible concert.
  9. I love them and their songs have played an important role in my life.

    I just saw "Across the Universe" last night and it was incredible. I hope all of you fans will go out and see it because it was the most beautiful and impressive movies I've seen in a very, very long time.
  10. OMGOSH Classickitten8, I definitely saw the concert for George and it was BEAUTIFUL when I did. If you couln't already tell by my enthusiasm, George was my favorite and I cried and cried when I watched the concert because it made me so happy to see all of his closest friends and family [his son Dhani] paying tribute and celebrating his adventurous life and the legacy that he left behind. I'm SO forever grateful that he passed his genes down to someone else [his son]; the world would be so empty without a Harrison in it.

    Aww, I'm glad that you brought that memory up. It made my day. :smile::heart:
  11. Ahertz!! I'm glad that you liked it! What was it about? I'm SO pissed because for some reason that movie isn't playing ANYWHERE as of yet here where I live in NC and I'm SO frustrated because I can't see it but I'm sure that it will be amazing! Do you know if they will be expanding their places of viewing? Keep me posted! Thanks.
  12. If I'm not mistaken, pretty much everyone who knows anything about music agrees on this point....well, at least that John and Paul are/were. ;)
  13. Haha, I'm so glad! Isn't it crazy how much Dhani looks like George?!

    Oh gosh, I feel like watching Concert for George right now. When they play "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" I get chills. It's amazing.
  14. and it didn't hurt that he was the cutest!:tup: Here is my GH story. DH and I were at an Indian restaurant in Santa Monica when I notice just 2 tables over, George and a couple of friends eating. I've been around alot of famous people but this was the first time I was ever star-struck! I kept hitting my DH on the arm but I couldn't get the words out - then George looked over at me and smiled and I thought I was going to pass out. Finally DH realized what I was trying to tell him and the rest of the dinner we just sat in awe. My DH has played alot with Julian Lennon and he is just as talented as his dad. Unfortunately he gets criticized alot for sounding like him but WTF!? He is his son afterall....sheeeesh....
  15. I love the Beatles, too!! It seems like all through college I listened to Abbey Road, the White Album (my personal favorite) and Sgt. Pepper over and over again---prolly drove the other people on my dorm hall crazy, LOL.

    It kills me when I hear a young person say "Huh?" when I mention the Beatles to them! My 15-yr-old stepson automatically says "They suck" about any of the rock legends I grew up with--Floyd, the Stones, Zeppelin and of course the Fab Four, to name but a few. He's just a stupid teenager of course but it still makes me mad!! The music he listens to wouldn't even exist if it weren't for them. that a good thing? LOL