The Watch Thread

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  1. Hey guys....

    Was about sharing infos about your watches, its history and related topics??

    I've never been into watches, but know so many who are avid collectors. Was boring for me, until my local jewler introduced one..and upon researching became facinated by them!

    Which one is considered to the best of the best? Which one has the oldest history? Which was has the best value?

    This could be really fun...and dangerous....:graucho:
  2. I guess Rolex will always be considered the best by most, but its not really for everyone. Cartier, Chopard, Patek Philippe,etc. will always be considered one of the great watch companies too but lately I find a lot of buzz about Chanel's J12 watch. I plan on getting one in white soon! I think it will be a great choice since I mostly wear my cartier tank these days. J12 will be fun. I hope it stands the test of time.:tup: I think I may be turning into a "watch person". LOL.
  3. Rolex for sure is a great watch...but with fashion house based watches like Cartier or even questionable to me...

    As I have heard that they dont make any of their own components and gets most from orginal watch makers like Jageur le couture.....I was thinking that the looks are fab...but the contents of them might be not worth it for the price....

    Some of the other really original watch makers are:

    Audermers Piaget
    Patek Phillips
    Girad Perraguax
  4. I would say Rolex has a great re-sell value but I never like Rolex and will never buy one. I don't care about the re-sell value as I never think to sell any watches of mine. I still think Cartier and Chanel has a better design. Patek Phillips is a great choice though.
  5. Rolex has value definitely. I own 2 and theyve held up well in the harshest conditions. And their service is excellent! When I think of a toughy, classic watch, I think Rolex. And they are solely watchmakers. When it comes to the elegant look, Cartier. But they are known for their jewelry too.
  6. Best: Philippe Dufour Simplicity or Duality (no website, there are only 10 Dualities in the world and no more orders for Simplicity but the workmanship rips Patek to shreds!)

    Oldest History: Vacheron Constantin

    Best Value: Depends on how much you want to spend.
    - <$5,000 Omega
    - <$10,000 Glashutte Original or Jaeger LeCoultre
    - <$20,000 H.Moser & Cie or Chopard L.U.C. - you can get a perpetual calendar with comparable finish to Patek for $20,000 after discount.
    - <$30,000 Patek for the sake of the name but if you have this much to spend, you would be better off looking for smaller stealth names or unique pieces such as Harry Winston Opus, Phillippe Dufour, F.P. Journe or even more random names.
  7. I'm so glad to have found this thread. I'm shopping for a watch right now.

    bee...bee thanks for the best value list above. I more or less agree with the list. Which Jaeger or Patek watch models do you think are the best value?
  8. Ooooo, thanks for the info Bee Bee....this would be a great resource for future watch purchases for sure....

    I know of a site that has infos on watche makers and their, They have some serious collectors there....
  9. Predictably, I have a whole mess of cheap, but very beautiful and for the most part, very sparkly ones.

    Rhinestones all round is an important feature.

    A varied (but mostly sparkly) collection of beautiful and cheap watches is an excellent way for poor people to consistently rock armbling that looks good with what we are wearing, as well as manage curiosity issues regarding the current time.
  10. Are you a writer??? If not you should be!!!! Any hand shots...I love seeing others jewellery.
  11. My husband recently gave me a Gevril watch...beautiful 18 kt. swiss made....1 out of 100 of this particular style. I researched the company and they are a very old, low-key swiss watch maker. They have a less expensive line, G2 from what I read. My watch is the men's soho deluxe limited edition. If you are going for subtle, you may want to check this brand.
  12. I'm not one with a lot of info on the "best" and so forth, but I can tell you what I have. I am not into very expensive watches, but all my watches must have a sapphire crystals, as I cannot stand scratched up watches. I have a diamond bezel two tone Raymond Weil Tango that I bought for myself about 9 years ago. It was a Christmas gift to myself after getting a bonus at work. It still looks new to this day and I bought a two tone diamond tennis bracelet at the same time to wear with it, so if I'm wearing the watch, then I'm always also wearing the bracelet. I also have a Movado Moderna with the black leather strap that I got as a 5 year anniversary gift from my job. My Movado Luno is all stainless steel with diamonds and a fairly recent "just because" purchase. I also have a Coach watch that's about 6 years old that I got as a fabulous deal on clearance and is more sporty looking than dressy and I rarely wear it anymore. They're reasonably priced, as all four watches ranged from $300-$1000 each. I like watches but I'll only spend so much on them.
  13. I have an Omega constellation. I do not know much about watches, I just chose this because I liked the rose gold and stainless band. I also have a Raymond Weil Tango, like the previous poster. I love that watch and never had a bit of trouble with it, but its style is so similar to the new Omega that I don't wear it anymore. I tried to sell it on auction but didn't get anywhere...

    I also want a Cartier Tank.
  14. I don't really know which one is the best watch really because my taste is quite dire and you would probably not like it :sweatdrop:. I usually like sparkly bits and bops but then I don't like bling on my watches because I have this weird notion that better mechanical watches have less bling.

    But I do know which one is the worst watch though; it's the Patek World Timer 5130 in whatever metal, R/G/J. Some bright spark at Patek decided to price it at $30,000 but it only tells the correct time for half of the year because it cannot correct for daylight saving! So if I want to know the time in LA right now it would not work!

    But if you press me for the best value for Patek, I'll go for 4856G which is actually discontinued yonks ago but I managed to track one down for less than $10,000 new on the 'grey' market (but you will not get your name into the Patek archive). If a Jaeger LeCoultre, then any Reversos will do.