The watch of my dreams!

  1. Thanks to me beloved Meggers, I am finally proud owner of my first Breitling - Christmas present! A chronometer such as this Breitling Windrider Chronomat in steel, black dial and silver sub-dials had been my dream watch since I was probably 15. It is heavy, massive, sporty and I absolutely adore it!

    b2.jpg b3.jpg breitling.jpg
  2. :love: Vlad, what a stunning watch! I love it, it looks great on you. Congratulations! :nuts:
  3. :love:

    Glad you love it so much!!!

    PS Your picture taking skills are mad good!! :amuse:
  4. Stunning Vlad. Breitlings are the best watches for everyday use, and they're very classy.
  5. Wow,Whoa, Wholly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Killer watch, great taste, guys! Wear it in excellent health, Enjoy Vlad!
  6. Your watch is beautiful. Since a watch makes such a strong personal statement, how great it is that you have one that you adore. Congratulations!
  7. that is one stunning watch! congrats Vlad!
  8. Wow Vlad!! You lucky,lucky boy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Megs once again proves why she is your queen!!! :queen: cos she treats you like a king!!! :king: xxxxxxxxx

    Enjoy!! Its a fabulous watch!!!
  9. congrats, Vlad! That watch looks great!
  10. Gorgeous!
  11. It looks magnificent!!

    Just don't let us lose you to the WIS folk a few forums!
  12. Vladi I LOVE that!!!:woohoo:
    I love Breitlings, very substantial, great choice!:tup:
  13. Congrats Vlad! The watch is gorgeous!
  14. You be working that watch good Vlad! :jammin:

    I agree with Megs, your photos are eerily good, should you be in Hollywood right now, asking a group of models to 'work it'?:supacool:
  15. woo hooooooooooo, great looking watch, Vlad, congrats!!!