The Warm Fuzzies ... New and Unusual Mulberry Bag

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  1. I don't know about you guys but whenever I find a bag that I’m really excited about I get this weird giddy feeling (or the warm fuzzies as I call it) ... and the other day while having a mooch in my local mulberry store that happened to me again... quite by accident too.

    I was having a chat to the manager who I’ve known a few years about an item I was looking for (which they hadn’t had delivered yet) when she asked me if I’d had my email through about the sale preview... which I hadn’t (turns out my email had eaten it) ... she asked if I was looking at anything in particular - and I was ... I went through a few Hampstead’s, more than a few Seaton’s, a Bayswater or two and some Harlow’s...but I still couldn’t find something that I really wanted or liked the fit of - so she let me have a look at the sale stock list.

    After a few minutes or looking, I spotted something I really wanted to have a look at - it was the Small Seaton in Multicolour silky Calf Intarsio Scales.

    I had seen it online when it was launched (only about two months ago) but I couldn’t decide if I liked it or not, so I didn’t go any further with it.... but after seeing it in person.... wow, I was really blown away and it’s been a long time since a bag has done that to me (hence the long rambling post - apologies) ... but it was / and still is amazing.

    Needless to say that it came home with me.

    However I will say that it is one of those marmite things - you either love it or you hate it. I really love it.

    Here are a few photos so you guys can see it for yourselves - i’d love to hear some of your thoughts / opinions.


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  2. It's seen it before online but seeing you wearing it, I LOVE it. I think the scales are really unique looking.
  3. Its so gorgeous! I love unique bags like that, you don't want to carry the same boring bag as everyone else! Thats why I'm the weirdo in Houston Texas carrying Mulberry in a sea of Louis Vuitton!!!
  4. Absolutely gorgeous! It will turn heads and bring you compliments for years and it looks like it will pair perfectly with neutrals making it a wardrobe staple. Lovely purchase!
  5. It`s such a gorgeous bag! The colour combination is perfect imo and the scales make it look wonderfully sixties-like.:heart:
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