The Warehouse Sale for Denim - worth checking out?


Mar 23, 2007
Hey guys,

I just got an e-mail from The Warehouse Sale about an upcoming event in my city (Seattle). For those that are not familiar with TWS, they are basically a touring denim outlet that sells denim samples, overproduced items, customer returns, and the like. Here is their website:

Since it's an invite-only event (you have to pay otherwise), I am thinking about just rsvping and checking it out since they boast things like denim at 80% off (they also sell other items, I believe).

Has anyone attended one of these? Would it be worth fighting traffic and giving myself a headache for? I don't want to go if the selection is crappy and the prices are comparable to those that I can find while sitting at home all cozy in my tooth-paste stained pajamas!


Just 1 more, I swear...
Feb 24, 2006
san francisco
The line to get in is looooong (come early!), and if you can, RSVP for the first day instead of the second day so you get first picks. I had the choice to do it but I RSVP for the second day instead, and a lot were sold already, but the selection were still great IMHO.

Price-wise, basically they have a fixed price for each brand. And since they only let a number of people in at a time, it's not as packed as I thought it would be.

Overall, it was way worth waking up early for :tup:

ali w

Nov 29, 2006
Where it never rains....
I attended the one in santa monica about a year and a half ago. Honestly, I wouldn't go again. The line was outragous and the inside was so crowded that people were practically grabbing things out of other peoples hands; and the line for the dressing room was so long that people just stood against the wall and tried on the clothing.
Not to mention imo the deals weren't that great, I find better deals at nordstroms rack, loehmanns, and off saks!


Apr 9, 2006
SF Bay Area, CA
Yes, if you check out any of the denim forums, the consensus is that these sales (Denim Revolution, Warehouse Sale, etc) generally suck. There are really long lines to get in, and even if you're one of the first people to get in (which requires standing in front 1-2 hours prior to open), the prices and selection aren't that great. You'll be lucky if they have any SFAM, COHs, TRs, or R&Rs, and if they do it is usually overpriced (starting at $100 - you can get better deals elsewhere!) and irregular. They usually have lots of Joes, People's Lib, James Jeans, and other second-tier designer brands for $40-$60, so if you are interested in those brands this might be worth going to.

Back in the day they used to sell the top designer jeans for $40-60...those made them totally worth going to! But not so much anymore....but I am a bit spoiled when it comes to paying for designer jeans - I rarely pay more than $80 for any brand.


Young Broke and Fab
Dec 10, 2006
Oakland, CA
I went to the on in SF and would NEVER go again. The wait from the line to get in was 4 hours. I only bought jeans because I was SO pissed off that I refused to leave empty handed.