The wallet I posted last night is not on anymore!!

  1. Last night I posted about a wallet I like from the coach website. Tonight when I went on it is not there anymore. It was the new resort wallet that matches this clutch . Why do you think they took the wallet off the website? Any luck that it will be going to the outlets?
  2. Probably not. It could be one of those items that sold out almost before it posted to the website.
  3. I think that it MAY be headed to the outlets. It came out in late November/early December so there may be a chance. I would phone JAX and see if they have any stock and how many. You could also phone your local outlet and ask that you be put on the list in case it does come in. If it was JUST taken off, it may head to the outlets in the next month or so.
  4. Sometimes when quantities are very low, Coach removes an item from the website. There is a chance that you can call and still place an order. Don't hesitate if it's something you really want.
  5. Definately call and ask 800# for availability. I take Coach literally when they have "resort" bags, and the Christimas season is when people fly south for the winter!!!! Some don't sell as well as others and then of course some sell out! I would tend to think whatever is left at retail will go to outlets, some will end up on eBay. These are nice pieces, the metallics usually sell out, and may be hard to find.
  6. I was looking for that wallet today as well, and noticed it was gone. Good luck finding it... it probably sold out! Get on the phone with JAX and see if you can locate one. Good luck!
  7. There is no chocolate medium leather Carly anymore:
    Do we think this is because quantities are low or is it being phased out for new colors to come?

    Chocolate brown was probably my second-choice Carly color. I'm a little dismayed. I wish they would put a warning before something disappears completely off the site.
  8. Always call if it drops off the site. My Mom was desperately wanting a black Zoe clutch, and waited far too long...well when we called, they had ONE left and we had it within a week.