The Walking Dead on AMC

  1. Is it super gory?
  2. Double post
  3. I watched it behind my blankets and pillows-lol. My DH loves Zombies and I like Vampires but we are still perplexed on one scene. Can someone give me their interpretation on the father and son as to what happened to them? The father was obviously trying to kill his wife/son's mom since she was torturing him but the gunshots were drawing the zombies towards the house. Are they dead now too?

    Yes--horse thing was sooo gross!
  4. It seems that the father and son are still alive, at least as of the ending of this first/premier episode. The previews for the next episode didn't seem to show the father and son in it.
  5. I agree with your post. Also, the horse scene was so stupid - riding in to town on a horse PULEEEZE! I really take offense to any show real or not hurting/killing animals.
  6. can't wait for this sunday :biggrin:
  7. Oooh I love horror movies and am glad I came across this thread so I can watch this show!

  8. Yeah I can think of plenty of plausible scenarios in which she would decide to leave him there that don't involve her being a horrible *****. lol. He DID outlive so many people simply because he was there after all. However, they also did plant the idea that this couple was not too happy together... intriguing.

    I will continue to watch! The pilot was simple enough without being basic and it was engaging. Though I do admit to being distracted while trying to decide if the English guys were good at the American accents or not... lolollll.

    Anyway: There are so many ways they could go with this I want to know which they will chose.
  9. OK.. I have to confess.. I'm a big dummy!

    I watched the premiere (or so I thought) and then came here & saw comments about the wife/partner/horse & was scratching my head. I totally didn't remember any of that...:thinking: I figured I'd watch it again from my DVR because I must not have been paying attention. It was only then that I realized the premiere was an hour & a half long! I thought it was only an hour & had ended at the Dad shooting at his Zombie wife!

  10. I can't believe I missed this. I just set up the recorder! :smile:
  11. I can understand the wife and son fleeing from the town/city but wouldn't the hospital evacuate those who were comatose or icu patients? They're unable to defend themselves obviously. When he woke up it was like everyone forgot he was there and abandoned ship. Why would they just leave him there only to become a possible victim/zombie?

    I love the zombie makeup. I thought it was going to be a cheesy zombie show with horrible looking makeup and props but I am wowed by how over the top they went with the effects.

    I did do a search on Directv to see if they were rerunning the first episode before the second one and it looks like they aren't but on Tuesday or Wednesday I ran across it on IFC so you may want to keep an eye on that channel to see if they run it again. If anyone is awake 3 am eastern time this morning it's on AMC.
  12. For anyone that missed the first episode/premiere, AMC has it posted on their website. It's my understanding that only this first episode will be posted online.

    I'm thinking that perhaps due to the chaos, Deputy Grimes being left in his hospital room may have been an oversight by the hospital staff. Or maybe he was left locked in his room on purpose, for his safety, due to the hospital being overrun by the infected/zombies?
  13. I liked the first episode, but I'm having a problem with the time line. How on earth did he manage to live in the hospital for what seems weeks with no food or water? Why does Atlanta look like it's been under the control of the dead for about a year? I honestly thought of I am legend in some of the shots with trees growing out of buildings.

    And, how on earth does his wife hook-up with his partner so fast?
  14. Re:Grimes being left in the hospital ...

    Well, the town is a podunk town. If any kind of epidemic hit, the medical staff would've been completely overwhelmed (in terms of staff, resources, etc). Add a growing zombie army to the mix, it doesn't seem too hard to believe that anyone would've been left in the hospital. Someone that was in a coma would be really difficult to evacuate. Just think back to the stories about moving critically ill patients during Katrina.
  15. Loved, loved, loved, loved the first episode! I thought it was well-paced, perfectly suspenseful, and I wanted to see more right away! Will definitely be keeping up with this show.