The waiting time before an ad appears on Ebay!! Grrr!!

  1. GGRRRRR!!!

    Ok, so I list a bag on eBay at around 12.00 in the afternoon, and its now 5.30 and STILL the ad doesnt show up in the listings!!!! Yet the clock is ticking on my advert!!!
    I have lost 5 hours of views! I think eBay shouldnt start the clock until an advert actually shows up in the listings. They do say when the advert is submitted that it may take 'some time' for it to show up, but they do say that the ad can be found by the item number.

    What good is that as no one knows the item number but me!!!

    GRRRR! Why do I bother with eBay??:cursing:
  2. I agree, they wait way too long between the time you list and the time the listing is posted and yet you are charged the entire time. Sometimes ebay sucks.
  3. I totally agree with you. It's such a pain, especially with how much ebay charges. :sad:
  4. I've had listings take 36 hours to show! eBay obviously know this is a problem as when it does finally appear it will show as a new listing for a full 24 hours regardless of when it was listed so if someone seraches by newest first it will appear in the top
  5. :amazed: ...thank goodness it wasnt a one day listing!! Your auction would have ended before it even began!
  6. That's why eBay don't allow three day listings on certain brand names! I'm convinced something weird is going on
  7. :roflmfao:

  8. I swear, I HATE eBay sometimes! Why don't they tell you that you're going to lose hours or DAYS of exposure on your auctions when they open their hands for payment of your insertion fees! Ugh! And the whole "your item will not be immediately searchable" disclaimer doesn't save them. Give me a discount on the front end or the back end, then. Put your $ where your mouth is!
  9. Halzer, that's one spooky avatar you've got!!! :wtf:

  10. Ok now Im p*ssed off! Its now 9pm..and STILL now sign of my auction! I submitted it around 12 in the afternoon.

    I feel like pulling the auction, but then the b*ggers will still charge me fees!!!!!