the waiting is the hardest part.....argh!

  1. seriously, i ordered a new bag almost THREE weeks ago. where the &($% is it already?!?! :cursing:

    don't you just hate the wait?? especially when the store you've ordered from uses stupid USPS tracking...which isn't really tracking at all.

    anyone else waiting for something? want to torture yourselves by obsessing along with me?? :tup:
  2. I'm waiting on a prada fringe hobo and a chloe python doctor bag.....

    Overstock shows the prada as shipped....I'm on pins and needles about that.

    The Chloe was just ordered last night from Bergdorffs, so not sure when that will be shipped. I hope soon!

    I'm hoping I get home before my boyfriend when they are delivered. He just doesn't understand the purse and shoe obsession.
  3. lol....i totally do the same thing. hope and pray i make it home before DH so he doesn't see the boxes..ROFL!

    BG takes forever to ship....ugh. i feel for you :sad:
  4. Thanks for the warning! I can't remember ordering from BG before. I know NM always surprises me with how quickly I receive items.

    Looks like the prada is scheduled for delivery on Monday!!!! Woohoo!!!!