The waiting is over, and I think it was worth it!...What' do you think?

  1. My "baby" arrived already yesterday, overnight shipping:yahoo:! But hubby was home early so I coudn't take pics:p.
    I really love her she's near perfect what I am concerned. I would have liked a tiny bid more distressing like in the back but really cannot complain. Claire is really wonderful she understands our "leatherslang" at least in french.
    I ordered with Camille on the second floor since there were no more blacks on the first but Clair went up to check out the bags left and find me the best. No piping showing, deep and rich color (looks a bid lighter tin the pics) wonderfully soft, great aging potential.
    I am so happy wanted to take her out to the city but rain was announced so we hit the mall!

    Now what the packaging is concerned...:tdown:. I received a bag folded in half :wtf:just in it's dustbag and thrown in a not very sturdy box (soft "carton") that arrived squished and humid. The bag survided it fine. Again it was overnightshipping but I don't want to imagine what can happen in transit if it travells longer (US etc...)
    I called everybody involved in the transaction , SA, PS, and let them know to pass this info on to the shipping department.
    So if you order from Printemps make shure, demand that the bag is send at least in it's original box and well protected!

    But without further dealy....


    DSCN4861.jpg DSCN4864.jpg DSCN4863.jpg DSCN4854.jpg DSCN4856.jpg
  2. Sorry about the crappy modelling pic...I hope to be able to take better ones soon...

  3. :tup: I think that bag is just beautiful. The leather is perfection. It will get more distressed as you break it in. LOVE IT!
  4. YES YES YES catcat, it's worth it! That Work is smashing and it looks even better when you wear it, félicitations!!
  5. LOVE IT! CONGRATS!:yahoo:
  6. i love your bag and your leather! especially the backside - that is just how I like my bbags! What color is your bag?
  7. OMG!!!!!! Cat~ that was definitely worth it!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the leather!!!! :drool::drool::drool: GORGEOUS!!!:heart::heart::love: So happy for you!!! :smile:
  8. WOW! Stunning!
  9. The bag is beautiful and the leather is tdf. It really looks great on you! Congrats!
  10. the leather on yours is TDF!!!!!!!!! how did you manage to get such a smooth one? i've been looking for a smooth one in the longest time!!!
  11. Oh, I think the leather is gorgeous!
  12. Absolutley STUNNING!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!
  13. congrats! finally!
  14. Your bag is gorgeous. The leather looks so lovely that I just want to pet it.

  15. Me too but, as powder said breaking it in will make it look more distressed , this will look even better with age (if it doesn't turn greenish as somme blacks.....:wtf:as mentioned in the "care and maintenace" section)

    It is black but looks way lighter in the pics, don't know why it's really nice and saturated.

    Thanks lady's for welcoming her...:love: