The waiting is driving me nuts!!!

  1. I fell in love with the Heritage XL satchel when I saw it in the new catalogue. My hubby gave me a gift card for Xmas and with PCE still going I was able to order it on the 26th.
    I hadn't got an email from Coach that it had shipped so I called and found out that it is on my way to me!!! They said it would arrive on the 2nd but I tracked it and it arrived at my local fedex facility TODAY!!! I would assume it's going to be delivered tomorrow. The worst part is it really doesn't matter if it arrives tomorrow or on the 2nd becuase I am out of town until the 4th. :crybaby: AHHHHHH!!!! :crybaby:

    Don't worry there is someone there to receive my bag. I just can't wait to see her!

    Honestly I miss my whole collection. It's not huge but I love it and miss it. :crybaby:
  2. just think of how exciting it is to know that it is atleast safely in your possession and how great it'll be to open it when you get back! Anticipation like a child on Christmas day!

    A little drink here and there might help to calm you ;) I know I'd be freaking out so I'd need a few
  3. I can't wait to see her. Please post pictures!!!
  4. Sometimes you can pick up your packages from the local fedex facilities.
    Not sure if that helps.

  5. If it's at your local facility, it should be delivered least that's how my packages are!! Can't wait, I'm so excited for you...especially since I should be getting my package today, too! CONGRATS!
  6. ohhhhhhhh! I can't wait to see that bag! Seriously, I can't stop checking back to see if you've posted pictures!
  7. congrats! :tup: Can't wait to see it!!! :yes:
  8. Can't wait to see the pix on this one!