...the waiting game.

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  1. The other day I posted a thread about buying a preowned bag vs. Neverfull GM. I decided to get the preowned bag, and I put my max bid in. I tried to stay up until three this morning when it ended, but passed out at about 2.

    And I woke up this morning, picked up my phone, and checked my email...

    ...I WON!!!! :yahoo::nuts::biggrin:

    Now I just have to wait for it to arrive from Japan!

    Who else is playing the waiting game, and what are you waiting for to arrive? Hopefully this thread can keep our anticipation down! :graucho:
  2. Congrats on your win, louislover260! I'm not waiting for anything right now, but I'm waiting for payday so that I can order a couple of things! :graucho:
  3. Thanks boyoverboard! Ah, the ever elusive paydays! I'll be spending this pay check on a little day trip!
  4. I'm waiting for my bday 10/16 to buy a pomme cles
  5. Yea for you!!!! Congrats! I stayed up late once to win my petite bucket, (my only not new bag.) It was fun!!
  6. Not waiting for anything right now, just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
  7. Congrats!...let's see pics when you get it!
  8. Congrats to you! I cannot wait to see your new baby from Japan!

    I am not waiting for anything per-se, I am trying to decide on whether I want to buy an agenda or a pair of sunglasses.
  9. congrats on winning!
  10. Congrats on your bag!! I'm waiting on my Azur Galliera PM, supposed to be here on Tuesday..feels like forever!
  11. Congrats on the mystery purchase...can't wait to see what it is! :thinking:

    Not waiting for any bags right now but I am waiting for my $$ to reach a certain amount so I can buy a Mahina? Still not sure yet.
  12. I'm waiting for my Icare to arrive from LV in Sydney!! Depending upon whether they got it to the courier on Friday or not it could arrive today, tomorrow, or Wednesday. [​IMG]

    Thing is I'm flying out today today to pick up our new car from Brisbane, then driving home tomorrow, and if it does arrive today it'll be arriving on the very same plane I'm flying out on! It's a tiny town I live in with a small airport, we see all the previous people get off the plane and their luggage and the courier mail comes off too, so I could very well see a giant box there for me! :shocked:

    So I'll see the courier at the airport whilst we're waiting and if my box is on that plane it'll be getting right back onto that plane with me, hahaha! I'm staying with a very dear PF friend in Brisbane tonight, so if it comes in today I'll save it until I see my bestie and open it with her at her place! :woohoo:
  13. :yahoo:you won't be disappointed ...
  14. Not waiting for anything to arrive... but trying to find my next purchase. It might not be a LV *totally shocking*
  15. You won't regret waiting for the Mahina... best bag ever!