The waiting game is OVER! Reveal, and collection shot!

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  1. My new (to me) bag is finally here! It took a short trip from Japan and arrived at my doorstep in just three days! I am so excited! Who's here for a reveal?! I will also post an updated collection photo at the end!

    I apologize ahead of time for the rotten pics!

  2. Woo! I'm so glad I'm here for this! Very excited for you. I wonder what it is.
  3. I'm here. Let's see.
  4. ooh! a live one!
  5. Ok... I'll post a hint... :graucho:

  6. Look familiar? lol!
  7. :woohoo:
  8. Hmm. You like your green epi, louislover260! It looks beautiful so far, obv. :smile: But I've no idea what it is! Let's see more!
  9. i love that green sooooo much
  10. lol! Boyoverboard, you are correct, I loooove green epi!

    Who's ready for another clue?

  11. If I hadn't known that you already have a Speedy, I'd say that's what it was. I'm not very good at guessing though. Is it a Keepall?
  12. lol, good guess, but no, not a keepall....
  13. Speedy in dif size maybe?
  14. alma?
  15. bowler -like montaigne