The waiting begins...I am sooo excited!!!

  1. Hello everyone. I have had a goal for years to give myself a Hermes Handbag when I reached a significant financial goal.


    I have developed a relationship with my SA at the H Boutique at Neimans by purchasing other things here and there. We discussed what I wanted and she told me it could be a year. So I am in wait mode!!


    Has anyone purchased an Hermes bag at Neiman Marcus? What was your experience like?

    I am also wondering if I should cultivate a relationship with someone in Chicago as well. I live in Hermes in this town!!! Ideas?????

    Thanks so much. I look forward to being around while I wait for my prize!!!!
  2. Jewelqueen, congratulations! Have no experience with a purchase at NM so cannot help with your questions, but,placing a request can make you feel on top of the world!
  3. so glad that things are in the waiting mode now.. and unfortunately, never shopped at Neiman Marcus for a bag so no help here either.. but will be waiting patiently with you for your bag.....
  4. Which bag are you waiting for? How exciting.
  5. Ohhh, how exciting! I long for this day. What's the order for?
  6. I am so excited for you too~! my guess is that your waiting for a kelly becuase you seem like such a lady
  7. What great news!!
  8. oooh so the wait begins!!! what did you order? I'm so excited for you!
  9. That is exciting! Please tell us your order?! I put an order in for the Feb podium and got it two months later -- so you never know, the wait might be short!
  10. How exciting, Jewelqueen! I have no experience with those stores you mentioned but it may comes earlier than you expected.
  11. That is really exiciting! I also have some financial goals that I want to reach before buying a Hermes bag - so its really inspiring to read that someone else has been there and made it!
  12. I wish I could say I was super original but I just can't help is just too perfect to pass up for my first one.

    A Black Kelly!!!! :heart: