The wait is over...

  1. After waiting for the reputable seller to get back from holidays.. i've finally received my new bag on Monday but have been too lazy to post it..The anticipation was greater than seeing her in person (haha!!), as i had been tracking her on the Fedex site religiously on the weekend and i made sure i stayed home on Monday... Luckily, Mr Fedex decided to make an early appearance and i had to kick DH out of bed to sign for it!!

    So, may I present my new 35 Black Togo Birkin with PH :yahoo:

    The 35 is smaller than i had anticipated, and is much lighter than my JPG.

    I can't wait to take her out!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! you must be very excited!
  3. Great choice... beautiful purse. Congrats... you'll get years of use and pleasure...
  4. Congrats!!! She's a beauty!!!
  5. So pretty!!! We will forgive you for not posting the moment she arrived!!!

    Wear her in good long health, and congratulations!!!
  6. Congrats!!:tup:
  7. Congrats!! It looks lovely!! Its the bag on my list!!! I am sure you are going to enjoy using it!! Once again congrats!xx
  8. WOOHOOOOO!!!!!!! Congrats!
  9. :yahoo:CONGRATULATIONS!:yahoo:
  10. Classic. Congrats!
  11. Take her out! She's beautiful and deserves to be seen. Congrats!!!
  12. Congratsssssss! :heart:
  13. WOW!
  14. congrats!!!! beautiful and slouchy!
  15. kasumi, you feel the 35 is small:confused1: I so wish I felt it was small. I'd love to be able to wear the 35.

    Your new bag is just beautiful! There's something so right about a Black Hermes Birkin. They are so in demand.....

    Love it! Congratulations!!:idea: