The wait is over! The pleated framed satchel is availible!

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  1. My backorder went through and my Sa called a while back and said there is a checkbook wallet, small wallet and wristlet to match with pleats! I had the framed satchel backed ordered and I ordered the wristlet to match the natural one. Yeh! :yahoo:
  2. WHAT? there is matching accessories that are already available for the pleated satchel..?? do you know what they look like? Style numbers??
  3. Now I just need to wait till they become available online, like ebay or something :Push:
  4. oh my gooosh....matching accessories!? i never been this excited about purses in my life haha.

  5. oh no.... :sweatdrop::woohoo:
  6. oh by the way what is the style no. and price on the wristlets sweetie?
  7. ^^^LOL... thats what I tell my boyfriend all the time and he just shakes his head... :lol:
  8. and the wallets
  9. I am so sorry I will find out the style#s My Sa didnt tell the #s the wristlet is 98 the small wallet is 168 and the checkbook wallet is 200 something? she said it has pleats just like this line and very cute. I just went for the wristlet because I normally like them!
  10. oooo super cute! so do they come in all the colors that the satchels come in? leather as well as patent? if you can find out the style #'s maryG that would be wonderful!
  11. yes!!!!! thanks for the prices mary!! i'm gonna call my boutique or jax
  12. They said they got the #s off of the mothers day page but i am sure you can call jax and just ask! oh and i forgot to tell you guys my sa said the wristlet has a zipper on it like the pleated hobos not a kisslock like the satchel but in the leather colors. I didnt ask about the patent colors!
  13. got it!

    these are for the pleated ergos in leather and signature.

    checkbook 41481 signature 41490 $228

    billfold wallet 41477 signature 41486 $168

    wristlet 41507 signature 41508 $98
    measurements for wristlet 20.5 cm x 13.3 cm

    i only cared about the wristlet so found out more info on them.
  14. Thanx TNC I was going to call my Sa or JAX later but you took care of it!
  15. LOL! You just made 90% of the Coachies day here!