The Wait is Over...My First Hermes Piece!!!

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    Hey there Hermes Lovers~!

    It has been 3 weeks since I reserved my Black Kelly Double Tour in Palladium (because the quantity was quite limited and it would be a waste of time if I didn't get the right one). I didn't have time to go to the store because it is around a 1.5-hour drive from my town to the nearest Hermes shop (located in Fukuoka prefecture, Japan) and I couldn't find a perfect time for me and my friends to go together because we were on a really tight schedule fromn our exams, reports and running the university events.

    Then we finally had the time to go together on Saturday, July 21...we headed straight to the Hermes store in Iwataya Department Store after having lunch. I told one of the SA's that I had a bracelet reserved and she knew rightaway which one it was!! She went to the back and brought the Black Kelly Double Tour in Palladium was simply STUNNING!!! I asked her if there were other colors available, she brought around half a dozen of them: there was a Black KDT in GH, and Orange KDT in GH- just to name some :p The other bracelets are nice too, but nothing beats KDT!!

    While I was waiting for the SA to wrap it, me and my friends walked around the shop and found one of the ladies carrying a Birkin: Raisin in Clemence with GH it looks really good on her too :yes:

    Then us 'kids' decided to play around with the perfume...then one of my guy friend decided to spray Eau des Merveilles on himself...then said:

    " this a girl's perfume?"

    Then one of the very friendly SA said "YES!!" in English and we ended up laughing really hard...We sure had a great time!!

    Without further ado, I present to you my Black Kelly Double Tour~! ;)

    Special thanks to:
    Kasumi168, Duncan_ for the help too! :tup:
    KDT1.JPG KDT2.JPG Hermes.JPG
  2. Whoa! Very nice!!! Looks great on you!
  3. AMAZING! Looks great on you! Enjoy!
  4. It looks great on you and I'm sure your friend smelled great! Funny about the perfume.:roflmfao:

    Better not let naughtymanolo see this thread. He'll be upset that the KDT was able to get around your wrist and not his. He'll relive the trauma all over again.:p
  5. I absolutely LOVE that bracelet. Anything Hermes with a little edge just STEALS my heart :heart: Congrats on a great score!
  6. Congrats Ignus, on your first H item.:tup: I love the KDT on you, it looks perfect on you:heart:
  7. ignus, it looks like Hermes created that just for you! Fabulous look on you!

    As for naughtymanolo I'm wondering if he could request one, made to order?
  8. It looks fabulous on you!!! Congrats!!
  9. looks great on you! congrats! orange would looks nice on you too!
  10. Congratulations!
  11. it looks perfect on you....funny about the perfume!!!
  12. Looks fantastic on you!! love it! Congrats.
  13. WoW! Congratulations! Really perfect on you!;)
  14. Looks great on you, ignus!
  15. Fabulous, congrats!